What people are saying

"What a great service you are providing! Hope you are picked up by one of the broadcast stations." -listener Beth B.

"(The host has) a great voice for radio, and a fun, authentic approach to our local news." -Kristin Roberts of Jitter Bean Coffee Co.

"Humboldt Last Week is a great way to get caught up on what's going on in our community. (The host's) delivery is like listening to a trustworthy friend giving you the lowdown on Humboldt's happenings." -Susie Foot of Bongo Boy recording studio

"(The host) smoothly runs through a recap of the big stories of the week and then brings on guests to give their perspective." -Kym Kemp via Redheaded Blackbelt

"Best local news summary on the North Coast." -John Fullerton via Facebook

"(The podcast) recaps the week's top stories. (Some topics are light), but Cochrane also covers serious stories." -KHSU host Eric Black

"Feels like I'm listening to (the hosts' former radio station) -- nostalgia! Added to my playlist!" -Reddit user snowhorse420

"Just keeps getting better. Comments have me laughing and the conversation is fabulous. Stories are succinct and done in a totally approachable style. (The host) has more natural talent than he realizes." -novelist Jana Hollifield

"Since I don't live in Humboldt anymore I'm glad (the host is) doing this so I can hear about what I'm missing." - Reddit user xACIDxfuneral

“Love the show… (The host does) a very good job of keeping (his) facts and opinions separate. (The) show is one of the few that seems to be trying to bring people together.” - listener Jason Q.

"Great audio quality. (The host's) background in professional journalism is showing in not just the good sound quality, but also the content." -Reddit user Ammerex

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