Reporter helps locals fight alleged swindling; Humboldt’s last week of news

Kym Kemp’s coverage on an insurance salesman accused of swindling non-profits has possibly prevented quite a few locals from being financially bullied. John Ford has allegedly been selling fake insurance to at least one cannabis-related non-profit. On top of that he may have also taken rent money from a Eureka non-profit that helps the homeless.
“People that you can respect and think are reputable business people can be involved in things that aren’t to your best interest and you need to be cautious,” Kemp said, giving credit to Thomas Mulder for courageously writing the first complaint letter. “And it’s not just the cannabis businesses that can be caught up in this, it can be any business.”
Kemp also noted in her interactions with Ford he struck her as a nice man and it was difficult for her to publish information about him she wishes wasn’t true.
Also covered: The failed thieves who rammed a truck through a wall at College of the Redwoods trying to steal an ATM, the doggone retirement of an esteemed Arcata cop, that new brewery mostly for South Korea but a little bit for us, the shouldn’t-have-done-that moment of the week at the North Jetty, a politician trying to protect Humboldt’s cannabis brand, our National and State Parks going viral, a meeting to help save the Weott Volunteer Fire Department, and some other stuff.