Humboldt Last Week rebranding as ‘Humboldt Next Week,’ will predict future

After 28 episodes and tens of thousands of streams, Humboldt Last Week has taken a bold step forward and will re-brand as “Humboldt Next Week,” a podcast predicting Humboldt’s next week of news.

“I’m so glad that I’ve finally gotten enough sponsor support to be able to start the next chapter,” said the host. “I’ve purchased three state-of-the-art crystal balls in various aura colors and I’ve also gotten many locals of prominence to send me photocopies of their palms. Have you seen the lifeline on Rex Bohn’s hands?”

When calling to secure a subscription to a psychic hotline the voice on the other end said “...We’ve been expecting you.” That was the moment their legitimacy was confirmed.

Aiming to begin predictions with a bang, the psychic was asked what the recreational marijuana industry will do to Humboldt’s economy. You won’t believe what she said.