Likely NFL Hall-of-Famer Jared Allen was hanging out in Fortuna

Likely NFL Hall-of-Famer Jared Allen was recently visiting family in Humboldt. The defensive end who spent most of his career with the Minnesota Vikings was a repeat customer at Pepper’s in Fortuna last week.

Ashley Valdovinos has been waiting on Jared's grandparents at the restaurant for years. The second time he came into Pepper’s she mustered up the courage to ask him about his appearance in the movie “Jackass 3D" -- that’s when they took the photo below.

"(When) I popped back in Pepper's to sign my time card he was sweet enough to sign a few little footballs for us and as he was leaving I watched the mail man chase him down to talk to him," she said.

Jared Allen was able to retire last year after playing in the Super Bowl as a Carolina Panther. Valdovinos also called the athlete "tall" and "down to earth."

The story begins at 6:37.