Beloved local zebra pointlessly shot and killed; Humboldt’s last week of news

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (10:55): A beloved local zebra was shot and killed near Petrolia along our beautiful Lost Coast for no apparent reason and the Sheriff's Office is investigating. According to officers the father zebra whose name was Randy was found dead in a hay field around 20 yards from the roadway with what looked like a single gunshot wound.

“(That area is) just one of the more beautiful, breathtaking, undeveloped pieces of coast in California and then as you jut in off the coast on the two mile stretch into Petrolia you’d get this nice finale -- if you’re lucky and if they’re close to the fence -- of these zebras,” said Andrew Goff of the Lost Coast Outpost who covered Randy’s slaying and has in the past taken stunning photographs of the three-part zebra family which now only consists of the mother and her offspring. “...This was one of those cool little Humboldt eccentricities…Just a cool, random thing, and now it will always have this veil of something sad that happened over it. And that sucks.”

In the podcast Goff discusses what he learned from his conversation with Randy’s caretaker Josh Griego and the caretaker’s growing reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone responsible for the killing.

Kym Kemp reported on May 17 that local realtor Jim Redd also added to that reward and is coordinating the effort to raise more money. On that post local CPA John Fullerton pledged an additional $500 making the total at least $6,000. An address to send checks is noted here. Redd says checks will be returned if not used.

Years ago the North Coast Journal chatted with a Petrolia resident who said the zebras were owned by fashion designers out of LA and came from a ranch in Oroville.

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Photo by Andrew Goff of the Lost Coast Outpost

Photo by Andrew Goff of the Lost Coast Outpost