Unresponsive toddler found in hot car ‘underneath a blanket’ while grandma gambled; Humboldt’s last week of news

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (11:03): A grandma was arrested for leaving her two-year-old granddaughter in a hot car in the Bear River Casino parking lot for about 40 minutes while she gambled inside. It’s now been noted among other disturbing details that the child was not only unresponsive but also hidden “underneath a blanket” in the vehicle.

“...a security supervisor noticed a vehicle that is known for containing unattended minors on our property,” reads part of a report shared by Bear River Casino Director of Casino Operations Joe Claus. “The patron had been banned in the past for similar activity. Out of concern there could be an unattended child in the vehicle he went to check on the vehicle… he observed a small child, approximately two years of age, hidden underneath a blanket in the back seat.”

In the podcast information is shared about the condition of the toddler when they found her, a confirmation from the Sheriff’s Office about the child’s hospital status, what else security staff saw in the vehicle, the grandma’s court update, how kids aren’t built for heat, unconfirmed rumors of similar infractions by family members of the suspect, the state laws regarding leaving children in cars, how Child Welfare Services works to help families in similar situations, how heatstroke is also a concern for animals in hot cars, and more.

Thankfully Bear River Casino staff was able see what was going on and notify emergency responders in time to likely save this little girl’s life.

The story begins at 11:03.

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Kathryn Perri, the child's grandmother. Booking photo.
Bear River Casino. Photo: Myles Cochrane