[Audio] FBI, others asked to look into past corruption within Sheriff’s Office; Humboldt’s last week of news

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (12:28): The Sheriff’s Office has been looking into how an office they oversee has been illegally allowing the sale of dead people’s stuff to their own employees. Purchased items include vehicles and electronics -- things left behind by the dead with no will or heirs.

“The FBI and (California) Attorney General’s Office (have been asked by District Attorney Maggie Fleming) to get involved in the investigation,” said Lost Coast Outpost reporter Ryan Burns, who has been covering the investigation thoroughly. “... To Sheriff (William) Honsal’s credit, he’s been pretty open about the whole process from the moment this whole story broke… He sat down with me and was very forthcoming about where things stand...”

The office in question is that of the Public Administrator’s, which has been under the supervision of the Sheriff’s Office since February 2015.

In the podcast, Burns discusses what he’s learned, how an assessment of ‘good deals’ could play a role in the investigation, the sale of items to people close to the Sheriff’s Office, the return of some items, and much more.

The story begins at 12:28.

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