[Audio] Floyd Squires denies salacious accusations related to arson fire; Humboldt’s last week of news

Episode partners: Bongo Boy Studio / John Hammond in Ferndale Sept. 21
In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (8:54): After Eureka put out a press release including a salacious and so-far-unproven accusation regarding notorious landlord Floyd Squires, the property owner did respond to at least one reporter’s request for comment.

“(He) said the accusations were unfounded and that he did not know the suspect,” said North Coast Journal Assistant Editor Kimberly Wear.

Two suspects may end up facing charges related to an alleged arson fire that brought down one wing of the Blue Heron Motel along Broadway in Eureka. Kattie Yocum, who is headed to trial, and Desirae Henley, who according to a police report made the unproven accusation that Yocum ignited Squires’ property after Yocum failed to receive an apartment in exchange for a salacious act.

In the podcast Wear discusses her interactions with Squires and his lawyer, Floyd and Betty Squires’ local history as property owners, how a defamation expert witness said Eureka’s press release may have some red flags, and much more.

The interview begins at 8:54.

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