[Audio] Carson Mansion dollhouse a reminder club now allows women; Humboldt’s last week of news

Episode partners: Bongo Boy Studio / Chris Smither in Ferndale Oct. 29

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (6:32): (Warning: Explicit content) A stunning dollhouse replica of Eureka’s Carson Mansion was once again making its rounds on social media last week.

“I saw pictures of it on the internet there it just looked like the fanciest house in the world and I was wondering if I could build it,” said dollhouse maker Ron James, who says he sold it to Nike CEO Mark Parker for over $32,000.

Clearing up misinformation, one comment with many likes on social media last week incorrectly alluded to the mansion’s Ingomar Club excluding female members. As of at least 2010 that is no longer the case, according to this Tri-City Weekly article. But with decades of excluding women and a sexual harassment lawsuit that was confidentially settled in 2015, it’s estimated the club would like to distance itself from those parts of its past.

“I have been working there (for several years) and what I have experienced is that it is like a huge family,” said an anonymous club employee. “Everyone treats each other with respect...”

In the podcast, you can hear more details from the dollhouse maker, correspondence with Ingomar Club President Karen Pingitore, more club history, more club mystery, some membership requirements, more from the anonymous employee, and comments appreciating the club’s preservation of the mansion.

The story begins at 6:32.

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Carson Mansion dollhouse made by Ron James, submitted