[Audio] McKinleyville mom trampled during ‘Vegas shooting, recounts experience; Humboldt’s last week of news

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (6:50): (Warning: Explicit content) Some of our neighbors here in Humboldt will never be the same after what happened in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, the date of the deadliest mass shooting in our country’s modern history. Among others that were there -- in addition to the Humboldt cops helping people in the aftermath -- a McKinleyville mom said she was trampled by those running away from the devastation.

“Will I ever be the same again after this ‘Vegas shooting?” asked Janene Kirby. “Will I ever be able to feel the safety I did before having to run for my life? Will I ever be able to attend a crowded event? Will I ever be able to let my son go do these fun things with his friends without thinking he's going to get hurt? Will I ever be able to think my family is safe anywhere? (I’m) heartbroken.”

While Kirby was understandably not ready for an audio interview, she did recount her experience to this writer. Her narrative can be heard in the podcast.

The story begins at 6:50.

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