[Audio] Without communications upgrades we could ‘actually die’; Humboldt’s last week of news

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (4:55): (Warning: Explicit language) It’s in times of peril that we most need the ability to communicate. As wildfires south of us caused immense devastation, a seemingly preventable AT&T outage once again left Humboldt unable to call 911, get in touch with loved ones, make necessary connections online, and complete other crucial tasks.

According to this Loco article, a couple of years ago AT&T promised they’d do the work to prevent these mass outages. That work was supposed to be done by the end of last year. Clearly that didn’t happen.

“...The telecom failure here isn't a first world problem, it's almost the definition of a developing world problem,” said local citizen Eli Rohl. “...It's not that hard to run some fucking cables. It costs money that some people are too cheap to spend because they think we're not worth the effort…(Without upgrades) we could actually die...”

In the podcast you can hear Rohl’s full scathing self-described “rant,” an analysis of AT&T’s explanation, some additional information from the Times Standard, and much more.

The story begins at 4:55.

Disclaimer: Rohl is a friend and coworker of this writer.

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