[Audio] Real scratch and sniff cannabis ads possibly first of their kind; Humboldt’s last week of news

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (9:57): Of course real scratch and sniff cannabis ads would likely originate in Humboldt County. With legal recreational marijuana sales in California coming in a little over a month it’s just a blueberry whiff of some of the innovation we’ll see in this brave new world.

“We kinda rolled the dice on this one,” said Humboldt Seed Company founder Nat Pennington, whose company put out the ads. “Not anybody ever having done it, not knowing what the microencapsulation process would do to the scent, but I’ll tell you when the magazine finally arrived and we scratched and sniffed for the first time, we were blown away.”

Humboldt Seed Company aims to provide high quality seeds to patients in California wishing to grow their own medicine in accordance with state law. They’ve been crowned in the North Coast Journal’s Best of Humboldt cannabis seeds category a couple times.

In the podcast, Pennington discusses how they came up with the scratch and sniff idea, how they prevented the inclusion of psychoactive elements in the ads, how an organization in Britain was conversely using scratch and sniff cannabis cards (probably without real terpenes) as a law enforcement tool, and perceptions of cannabis in the “brave new world.”

The story begins at 9:57.

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Humboldt Seed Company's ad in the Humboldt Cannabis Magazine