[Audio] Local woman featured on ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ discusses experience; Top stories from last week

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (11:53): (Warning: Explicit content) Last week a Eureka woman granted an interview to discuss she and her boyfriend’s appearance on “The Jerry Springer Show” a few months back.

Hint: The poor character they exemplified on the show was exaggerated, or... Jerry-rigged. They’re still together.

“...We were having to having to practice yelling at each other and fighting,” said Elizabeth Provost, who met her boyfriend Evan Carver on Tinder. “They wanted us to be like actors… (They were like): ‘If you’re gonna laugh and think this is a game, then get the fuck out of my studio,’ is how they were talking to us. Slightly -- not completely rude the whole time.”

In the podcast Provost discusses their salacious narratives in the show, their experiences filming, their trip to New York, relationships, infidelity, and people who comment on stories without fully digesting the content.

The interview begins at 11:53.

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