[Listen] Alleged serial killer, awaiting unrelated trial, possibly linked to one of Humboldt’s missing; Last week’s top stories

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (2:52): While the largest media outlets in the country have been pointing to a North Coast Journal article that resulted in locating at least two people listed as “missing” in Humboldt, that’s not the only aspect of the story that has received international attention in recent memory. Just a few years ago the 1997 missing persons case of Karen Mitchell was highlighted by The Guardian and others, with Mitchell’s mom pointing out she thinks there’s a 50-50 chance infamous alleged serial killer Robert Durst is responsible.

Durst was living in Trinidad at the time. The wealthy man reportedly had a reputation for enjoying the company of transients and frequented a shelter where Karen Mitchell volunteered.

Right now Durst is awaiting trial in Southern California for another alleged murder, a separate case. His story gained an even larger audience after the release of the gripping 2015 HBO documentary series “The Jinx.”

Thirty-three people remain missing in Humboldt. We apparently have the highest per-capita rate of missing persons reports in the state. Those missing disappeared from 1977 to just back in November.

The first “missing person” rang up ‘Journal reporter Linda Stansberry saying he’s a regular reader -- he didn’t know his siblings had reported him missing and they got in touch. The second, as a reader pointed out, is a short-haired brunette currently starring on the ABC show “The Bachelor."

The story begins at 2:52.

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