[Listen] Humboldt’s cannabis connection with Europe, and legalization so far; Last week’s top stories

Humboldt Last Week is a way to hear highlights from Humboldt’s last week

Humboldt Last Week (12:12): The award-winning journalists at Balkan Insight recently looked into how Eastern Europeans are enticed in large numbers to come work on Humboldt cannabis farms, hearing sometimes exaggerated tales of the riches earned here.

“The doctors -- couldn’t we just get them to move here to work on that,” joked Redheaded Blackbelt journalist Kym Kemp in reference to Eastern European professionals moving to Humboldt for cannabis work. She was interviewed for the ‘Insight article.

In the podcast Kemp discusses the aforementioned article, the state of legal recreational cannabis in Humboldt so far, concerns from mom and pop growers regarding taxes and fees, law enforcement challenges, a controversial rezoning project involving a proposed hash lab along the Mad River, and the upsides to legalization so far.

The story begins at 12:12.

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Public Domain photo of the Eel River, altered