[Listen] Late HSU student, theater standout, awarded posthumous degree with honors; Last week’s top stories

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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (11:43): It’s not easy talking about Erin Henry but it’s important -- she was the HSU student just about to graduate with a theater degree who police determined ended her own life.

According to a Lumberjack article that was posted last week, the university awarded her with a posthumous degree with honors. Henry’s advisor is quoted as saying she’s never met anyone more kind, thoughtful, and considerate. The type of positive, talented person who doesn’t come along every day. And she doesn’t think think anyone will ever know what happened.

Henry was reportedly adopted when she was two months old and grew up in Wyoming before moving here. She volunteered caring for seniors, she dreamed of working to end human trafficking, and while at HSU she had roles in “Young Frankenstein” and “Julius Caesar.”

Back in December her body was found south of Trinidad after it seemed like the entire county was looking for her for over a week.

Previously Henry’s family partially wrote this in a letter to the community shared by the Times Standard and other media outlets: “We would also like to encourage others suffering from depression, or related ailments, to seek help. Please help to eliminate any stigma associated with needing medication or treatment in order to function as a happy, healthy human being.”

The story begins at 11:43.

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Courtesy of the “In Loving Memory Of Erin Henry” Facebook page