[Listen] Jury considering fate of man accused of murdering wife’s boyfriend; Last week’s top stories

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Humboldt Last Week (9:04): (Warning: Graphic content) A jury trial began for a man accused of murdering a man he once believed was a friend, but was reportedly found to be involved in an intimate relationship with his wife.

Tim Smith, a volunteer firefighter and beloved member of the community, was shot multiple times and died in front of his Fortuna home in September of 2016.

Defense attorneys for suspect Jon Goldberg say he tragically shot Smith in self-defense in a moment of fear and confusion. Prosecutors say Goldberg drove over 30 miles with a loaded weapon to commit cold-blooded first-degree murder.

In the podcast, Lost Coast Outpost reporter Rhonda Parker discusses her coverage and the trial so far.

The story begins at 9:04.

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Suspect Jon Goldberg and victim Tim Smith