[Listen] Why some of us care about who Sara Bareilles is dating; Last week’s top stories

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Why do some of us care about who Humboldt-raised superstar Sara Bareilles is dating? Sure, she has a massive list of more noteworthy creative achievements, but last week some of the millions of readers of Elite Daily were drawn to a story with the headline: “Who is Sara Bareilles' boyfriend? The pair have an adorable story.”

As curiosity struck this apparently shameless writer and he clicked in, we wondered why he and others are drawn to this kind of information about people they’d likely never meet.

“... a psychoanalyst in the tradition of Sigmund Freud might say we see ourselves or someone important to us reflected in the lives of strangers...” said Humboldt State University Psychology Lecturer Kevin Matlock.

In the podcast more of Matlock’s thoughts are shared, and yeah, listeners can hear the juicy-to-some info about Bareilles that probably has no tangible impact on our lives.

The story begins at 9:24.

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Sara Bareilles, photo by Amw9991, Wikipedia Commons