[Listen] Local driver recalls killer Robert Durst just before alleged murder trip, hearings begin (in Episode 80)

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Humboldt Last Week (9:23): Former Humboldt resident and alleged serial killer Robert Durst was in court in Southern California last week for a preliminary hearing to see if he’ll stand trial for the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman.

“...Lousy tipper, though...” said Door-to-Door Airporter Shuttle Service owner Russ Vitalie, who back in the day repeatedly gave Durst rides around Humboldt including one days before the alleged murder of Berman.

The 75 year old multi-millionaire and real estate scion has also been suspected of murdering his wife in New York in the 1980s. In the early 2000s he admitted to killing and dismembering a man in Texas before going on the run, but was later acquitted of murder in that case after pleading self-defense.

Prosecutors believe Durst’s motive was to prevent Berman from airing his dirty laundry. In hearings last week a jail call was played with Durst saying he regretted participating in the gripping HBO documentary series “The Jinx.” In the final episode of the show, when he thought his mic was off, he can be heard saying “...killed them all, of course.” Durst has pleaded not guilty and has argued the statements he made on the show should be thrown out because he was on drugs.

In the podcast you can hear more from Vitalie regarding his interactions with Durst and more background on how Durst spent his time in Humboldt.

The story begins at 9.23.

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Robert Durst, courtesy of HBO