(Listen) Assemblymember Jim Wood On Humboldt’s Opioid Woes, ‘Times Piece; Other Top Stories

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Humboldt Last Week, Episode 83 (7:02): Last week the New York Times put out an article noting Humboldt County as the place hit worst by the opioid epidemic in all of California -- a place with an opioid death rate higher than five times the state average.

The article goes into the disturbing amount of heroin and meth use in Eureka, homelessness issues, the lack of affordable housing in the area, law enforcement challenges, and criticism about the amount of state funding doled out to combat these issues.

“We really are trying and it’s a challenge,” said Assemblymember Jim Wood, a dentist who sits on many health committees. “Because it’s not just about opioids. It’s about behavioral health, it’s about homelessness… we’re just not spending the money where we need to (on things like treatment and relapse prevention)..."

In an interview with HLW, Wood discusses what he and the state have been doing to combat Humboldt’s opioid issues, a startling local heroin statistic, his healthcare proposals including one that would cover young undocumented immigrants, and his respectful disagreement with Governor Jerry Brown about healthcare funding priorities.

Other stories covered in this episode:
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  • Pool Will Be a Part of New Family Entertainment Center, Says Bear River Rancheria (2:35)
  • Tourists Visiting Humboldt Said To Have Spent Record $448 Million In 2017
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  • New Cannabis Rules
  • Restaurateur Curly Tait Remembered: Band Manager, Friend of George Carlin and Others
  • (UPDATE: ReturnedLocal Almost Two Year Old Girl Missing With Father
  • County Employee Appearingly Thrown Under Metaphorical Bus Before Election
  • Daily Bees-Ness Troubles For Local Woman
  • Other Top Stories
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