[Audio] Man pleads guilty to hiring someone to murder relative; Last week’s top stories

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A man recently admitted to hiring someone to murder his cousin’s wife near Shelter Cove.

Reportedly Brad Lanese was growing marijuana in Shelter Cove with his cousin. Lanese had problems with his cousin’s wife. Things boiled over and he was paid to leave.

In Pittsburg stewing over what happened in Shelter Cove, Lanese concocted a plan to rob the grow with someone he didn’t realize was a DEA source. After traveling back to California to work with a man named “Deeds” on robbery logistics things escalated and he eventually asked Deeds to assassinate his cousin’s wife. Lanese didn’t know Deeds was also working on behalf of law enforcement.

Lanese apparently wanted his cousin’s wife injected with a deadly mix of heroin and fentanyl and then he wanted her body and car pushed over the cliffs into the ocean.

The feds say in Lanese confirmed he wanted the hit to happen and agreed to pay $30,000 for it.
Lanese has technically pleaded guilty to “using interstate commerce facilities in connection with a murder for hire.” He’s looking at a 10-year maximum sentence, a million dollar fine, or both. He’s scheduled for sentencing March 13.

More details regarding this story are shared in the episode. Also, here's the press release from the Department of Justice.

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