Luna lawyer talks pulled-from-car Oysterfest arrest; Last week’s top stories

Luna, left (submitted) | Jackson, right (HSU Police)

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After videos went viral of an arrest last summer during Oysterfest in Arcata, then 20 year old Samantha Luna pleaded not guilty to a number of charges and now her lawyer is saying a civil case against the police is possible.

Luna has said she’s a former honor student at Eureka High. After reviewing the case the DA decided to charge her with resisting arrest, battery on an officer, public intoxication, and providing false ID.

“... Any experienced officer will take a look at what (HSU Police Sergeant Janelle Jackson) did and say that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do to de-escalate a situation,” said Luna’s attorney William Panzer who believes the arrest was unlawful. “You don’t get all emotional, you don’t just open a door and grab somebody. That’s not how you de-escalate.”

Jackson received a community policing award last year and has reportedly taken a significant amount of de-escalation training.

In the interview, which begins at 8:15, Panzer disputes each of the charges and answers questions about what’s depicted in the videos. He also disagrees with reports suggesting Jackson’s hair had to be cut off in order to be released from Luna’s grip.

Luna has a pretrial hearing December 11. Panzer says he is working to obtain police footage of the entire incident and that once he and Luna beat the criminal charges they’ll consider a civil case.

You can watch the arrest below. There are more videos here.

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