“Murder Mountain” interview, tourism upsides, crabigrants; Last week’s top stories

"Murder Mountain" Director Josh Zeman, submitted
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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (9:08)

Right now it feels like the rest of the world is looking at Humboldt County through the lens of “Murder Mountain,” a six-episode series out now on Netflix.

“My goal is to show the dark side and then peel back the layers and show the humanity underneath,” said Director Josh Zeman in an interview with Humboldt Last Week on December 20. “…at the end of the day you may see the true-crime top but on the bottom I think you’ll really understand it’s about community…The Humboldt legacy is so rich…”

In the program Zeman discusses many of the comments made about the show including those by law enforcement. He also chats about community nerves regarding their portrayal, whether he’d encourage people to get involved in Humboldt’s cannabis industry, and a Humboldt-inspired tattoo he purchased.

The interview begins at 9:08.

Other stories in Episode 110

Free WiFi in Old Town, a court update on a notorious former Trinidad resident, “Bird Box” will perch tourists on the North Coast, a new zebra, an HSU alum’s rookie NFL season is assessed, the drug confiscation Olympics, crabigrants, tourism upsides, and more.

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