Testing HLW Alt Radio; Last week’s top stories

Humboldt Last Week features quick local stories. On the radio and downloadable.
In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (116)

Testing an alternative music station with quick local stories sprinkled in (more info below), HSU students describe their worst mind-altering highs, an alleged teenage choker was arrested after an attempted carjacking at the beach, Humboldt’s homeless count results, Arcata’s longtime McKinley statue is headed to Ohio, an alarming incident with shots fired out of Trinidad, depth-extending work needs to be done on Humboldt Bay so people can still bring us stuff, stealing cookies from babies, a petition is going around for HSU to do away with its “lumberjack” mascot, a deceased mom’s estranged husband was arrested for murder after a manhunt up north, an HSU alum has been exemplary in a new pro football league, crews have been searching for a missing man, and other stories currently being discussed throughout the county.

Humboldt Last Week also has some lightheartedness, crime updates, new music selections, and event suggestions. On the radio throughout the day Mondays on 99.1 KISS FM.

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Humboldt Last Week Alternative Radio:

I’m testing an alternative music radio station! The goal is to cram as many songs into one hour as possible with some quick local stories here and there. Do you think this is something you’d enjoy?

Maintaining a radio station like this costs money and takes time. But it’s also seriously fun! I’ll be testing it for at least a month to see if there’s any local interest.

Also fun: There will be moments I’ll be able to handle music requests. You can send those to host@humboldtlastweek.com.

Also please send me suggestions about programming if you have any.

Please bear with me as I’m still in the process of selecting new and old songs, mastering, and carting them into the system. The rotation is a little tight right now.

There are a number of ways to listen:

iTunes(also works well with Safari on iPhone)