Attempted contract murder victim speaks to Humboldt Last Week

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An attempted contract murder victim speaks to Humboldt Last Week anonymously (more below), a check-in with Supervisor Fennell, a former local talks art on national TV, Guy Fieri’s show is politicized by a large publication, Senator McGuire is again trying to require presidential candidates release their tax returns for inclusion on the California ballot, a Snapchat-caught N-word spurs an apology, a Congressman Huffman bill could impact local commercial TV, California is growing too much ganja, St. Joe’s allegedly denied surgery to a transgender man and the ACLU is suing, a Giants fan and attack victim brought his anti-bullying message to local kids, and other stories currently being discussed throughout the county.

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Attempted contract murder victim speaks to Humboldt Last Week

As previously reported, 52 year old Brad Lanese was recently sentenced to eight years in federal prison for attempting to pay a hitman $30,000 to murder a local woman over a dispute related to the cannabis industry.

The criminal was unaware was that his attempt at contract-killing his way back into the local marijuana biz was orchestrated with an undercover agent that he knew as “Deeds.”

Lanese had been working with a permitted local cannabis farm and eventually tensions ran so thick with a longtime acquaintance and his acquaintance’s girlfriend that he parted ways with them.

After moving to Pittsburg and spending all of his cash Lanese concocted a plan that involved robbing the Humboldt farm and having the girlfriend murdered, fatally drugged with her body and car rolled off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean near Shelter Cove. He hoped to then resume work on the farm.

The girlfriend -- the attempted contract murder victim -- spoke with Humboldt Last Week under the condition of anonymity. Her statements are shared here:
Brad and my boyfriend have known each other since they were two years old. Unlike some reports out there, he’s actually not related to my boyfriend. They are not cousins. In the past we had bought him land and tried to help him start his own farm, but that clearly was not enough. 
Brad didn’t like the fact that he couldn’t control my boyfriend anymore due to my help and Brad eventually assaulted me. He was also stealing from us. That caused us to ask him to leave our farm. 
After Brad lost the land we’d given him he moved to Pittsburg. Because my boyfriend is nice he even gave Brad another $15,000 to make a payment on the land which he just took. He started having Humboldt cannabis mailed to him. That’s when the police started investigating him and learned he wanted me dead.
It was in the middle of a surprise raid on our property when an agent finally told me Brad had hired him to murder me. I had pink handcuffs on and was totally caught off guard. They said it had to happen like that in order to get Brad. We’re legit and we pay taxes so it was hard for all of us. 
Brad is a bad, manipulative guy and a longtime drug user. He’ll stop at nothing to make people believe him. We’re fearful that the prison system won’t rehabilitate him and when he’s released we’re afraid he’ll come after us.
Looking forward we’re certainly going to be more careful about who we do business with. We are thankful for the support we’ve received from some Shelter Cove residents who know about our situation and love it so much here. We could never leave. We just hope that people hear our story and are careful. We hope that as the legal cannabis industry settles in situations like ours will happen less.
The attempted contract murder victim is urging the authorities to notify her when Brad Lanese is up for parole and when he is released.

Lanese’s maximum sentence was 10 years. On March 13 it was announced that Lanese was sentenced to eight years in federal prison and three years of supervised release for “using interstate commerce facilities in connection with a murder for hire.” The sentence was issued without receiving an impact statement from the victim.