Quick local stories | New and nostalgia songs | Early July 2019

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (133): Faith No More talk Humboldt in Billboard magazine after reaching a milestone, Humboldt export Sara Bareilles is looking for the musically-savvy female lead of her upcoming Warner Bros TV show, a former Humboldt State athlete tried out for a redo of the wrestling-related XFL pro football league, our community college is graduating maximum security prisoners, a bear proves to be a destructive camp guest, a big dam development for the Eel River, a former NASA scientist launches into retirement from HSU’s presidency, a soccer star who grew up near us is doing big things with her World Cup team, cannabis growers cried foul on a raid because religion, Sequoia Park Zoo love, and other hot topics in Humboldt.

Plus! Event picks, the attraction of the week, and HLW Alt Radio with new and nostalgia songs.

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