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In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (135):

(10:40): A young woman who attended classes at Humboldt State University used a 23andMe home DNA kit and discovered something shocking: Her birth mom used a donor egg to conceive her and never got around to mentioning it.

Last week this story was picked up nationally by the New York Post and even internationally via The Sun.

23-year-old Antonia Picardi, who studied zoology at HSU, reportedly became interested about the kits in Arcata during a genetics class. After discovering the identity of her biological mom via an app and throwing her phone to the floor in shock, Picardi has since met and befriended her.

Picardi’s birth mom never found the right time to tell her. The HSU grad’s father died when she was five, the teenage years were, well, teenage years, and then by the time college rolled around she was dealing with enough change.

“Adolescence is a very touchy time,” Picardi’s birth mom told the Weekly Calistogan. “I thought about it after high school, but then she was entering a whole new world. And there was never any medical reason to tell her.”

The story begins ten minutes and 40 seconds into this week’s episode of Humboldt Last Week.

Update (July 22): Antonia Picardi told Humboldt Last Week she was inspired to try 23andMe by HSU professor Mark Wilson -- one of her favorites.

“I absolutely loved being up there (in Humboldt),” Picardi said. Before moving to the Napa area, she spent her time here enjoying Humboldt's rivers, forests, and nightlife (besides studying of course).

“I definitely plan on visiting again sometime soon.”

Also in the latest episode: Anti-hate posters amass where a hate poster once was, logging protests continue near Rio Dell, with the military at his side this summer Sheriff Billy Honsal says half of Humboldt County homicides are related to illegal cannabis, another local is now bringing the pro MMA pain, a grandma helped disrupt a brutal robbery near Eureka, in LA handwriting experts will be allowed to testify in the high-profile murder trial of a former Trinidad resident, a man pleaded not guilty to using his skateboard for murder, a Eureka teen pleaded guilty in the stabbing death of another teen, Carson Mansion love, and much more.

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