Quick local stories | New and nostalgia songs | Jul-Aug 2019

In the latest episode of Humboldt Last Week (136):
Trinidad State Beach by hakkun, creative commons
Stashed cannabis farmer polaroids possibly from Humboldt’s mid-80s era become internet famous, HSU alum Alex Cappa’s new “Madden NFL” ratings, a reveal regarding the late and ex-Humboldtian creator of SpongeBob, despite a setback an Arcatan’s cannabis battle with feds continues, new murals coming to Eureka, Zac Efron makes a Humboldt-raised friend, a TIL (today I learned) that may incite a tisk-tisk from some Sara Bareilles fans, driving through Humboldt trees in 1900, Trinidad State Beach love, and much more.

Plus! Event picks, the attraction of the week, and HLW altRadio with new and nostalgia songs.

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