Quick local stories | New and nostalgia songs | Aug. 2019

(Episode 137):
Redwood Creek Overlook, Creative Commons by Little Mountain 5
(Episode 137):

(Warning: This episode contains explicit themes) Tune in for a quick rundown on the proposed casino-hotel in Trinidad, a Eureka block set to become a parking lot, the unexpected death of Barney the Old Town horse, how Humboldt redwood cloning made national news, a former Humboldt State star captaining a pro soccer team, immunity for Humboldt’s victimized sex workers, a dog besting a bear, Sara Bareilles supporting a book by musician Ben Folds, former Humboldt State star Alex Cappa’s wise quote about the NFL, a trial confirmed for a Crescent City man who allegedly murdered his wife and stashed her body in a closet for weeks, the gross jail cell of nationally notorious former Trinidad resident Robert Durst, wielded waste-bin wealth, a scrapped story’s lessons in fact-checking, Redwood Creek love, and more.

Plus! Event picks, the attraction of the week, and HLW altRadio with new and nostalgia songs (listen above).

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