Tune in for quick local stories and local alternative radio

Humboldt Last Week is a weekly audio program featuring quick local stories. You can listen now, download it for later, shed a tear at its existence, or listen on the go wherever you get podcasts (Apple, Spotify, Google, etc.). In the new episode (WARNING: Adult language): Kayaking the streets of Arcata, climate change activism rallies in Arcata and Garberville, developments regarding a new indoor pool in Fortuna, a murder case out of McKinleyville was downgraded to manslaughter, HSU students suggest ideas for a new mascot, an In-N-Out Eureka update, a four-year-old cancer patient and her single mom need help, HSU puts in the green in green and gold, remains were reportedly identified in a national newsmaking disappearance out of the Eel River Valley, a setback in the locally-tied effort to know more about the finances of presidents, Humboldt Last Week celebrated three years, a story on a former local cop caused a stir in Willits, an editorial on editorials and the value of kindness, and so much more. Plus event picks and the attraction of the week.

You can also check out Humboldt Last Week Alternative Radio (HLW altRADIO). It’s a curated radio station with new and nostalgia alternative music -- mostly leaning toward rock -- and quick community stories. The sets are long, the community content is prompt, and the library is vast. The most hearted artists of last week? Nine Inch Nails and The Shins. Adds this week? Silversun Pickups “Songbirds,” Beach Riot “Robot,” Post Animal “Dirtpicker,” and Do Nothing “Gangs.”

Humboldt Last Week episode 143 partners: Medieval Festival of Courage Oct. 5 and 6, Ferndale Music Company, Bongo Boy Studio, Trinidad Vacation Rental, North Coast Journal, Photography by Shi

Humboldt Last Week is available at humboldtlastweek.com, kymkemp.com,  northcoastjournal.com, and 99.1 FM Mondays