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At 12:40: PG&E’s recent “PSPS” blackouts which have turned out to be BSPSs in Humboldt County have made alternative energy appear more attractive, and what timing: The Humboldt County Planning Commission is currently deciding on Terra-Gen’s proposed wind energy project near Rio Dell. At the same time, dependence on PG&E’s grid and other concerns are being raised about the project.

The house was packed for the first meeting inside the Board of Supervisors’ Chambers as an advancement of the project would make Terra-Gen, a company headquartered in New York, the second-largest taxpayer in Humboldt County.

Terra-Gen hit their big talking points about combating climate change, how different they are from PG&E, and the need to upgrade county infrastructure.

Then, public commenters discussed their various viewpoints on the project such as a mistrust in companies from other areas, standing with local tribes whose resources would be impacted, a desire to protect wildlife and natural resources, a desire for more mitigation, a desire to maintain a view without any twirly twirls, and the importance of fighting climate change.

The Wiyot Tribe opposes the project. Recently a tribal rep was on the radio describing the Monument and Bear River Ridges as tribal prayer sites with raptors, condor, and golden eagles that need protecting. Interestingly, the rep noted golden eagles would cost Terra-Gen $600 apiece if they die due to the project. He pointed out that while the Wiyot Tribe does support another offshore wind project proposed for Humboldt County, they do not support this one. He also said he wanted to clear up something about how the project relates to PG&E.

“This project is completely dependent upon the PG&E grid,” said Wiyot Tribe Natural Resource Specialist Adam Canter on Jefferson Public Radio. “It will not isolate energy for Humboldt County in any way.”

Terra-Gen’s response to that point has been that the project will include millions of dollars of upgrades to PG&E’s grid, place mile of their transmission lines underground, and render our infrastructure more reliable.

The ‘Commission will likely make a decision about the project on November 14.  If they choose not to move the project forward Terra-Gen could appeal to the Board of Supervisors.

Eric Black reports at 10:09:

You've likely heard Eric Black on local terrestrial radio and have seen some of his video news projects. This week he looks into differing perspectives on possibly restricting cars along the Arcata Plaza, as well as possible signal improvements for Verizon customers in Eureka.

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