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What listeners are hearing about: The skateboarding brand Supreme, which to give an idea of their popularity has almost 14 million followers on Instagram, recently put out a new collection celebrating the work of a late artist who attended Humboldt State University (HSU).

Martin Wong has been described by the New York Times as a painter whose “meticulous visionary realism” is among lasting legacies.

HSU student Grace Caswell wrote a nice piece in The Lumberjack noting Wong’s work battled the “stigmas that dismissed groups from society, specifically focusing on the disadvantaged and underrepresented.” Many of his paintings were seen as a call for equal treatment of minorities and the LGBTQ community. He has painted skateboarders.

Wong attended HSU in the 1960s. He lived locally until the late 1970s -- often coming back and forth between here and the Bay Area -- and then moved to New York. Just a couple highlights from his illustrious career: A painting on the cover of Time Magazine in 1987 and featured work at famed museums. He died with an AIDS diagnosis in 1999.

“Being that Martin was a gay Asian American, we hope this level of visibility will inspire others, that may have shared histories and identities, to look to Martin as a point of inspiration,” said a source representing Wong in the aforementioned article.

You can view more of his art here.

Thanks to humboldt_things for bringing this to my attention on social media.

Other noteworthy folks that have been associated with the Supreme brand in one way or another include David Lynch, Bad Brains, Public Enemy, Lady Gaga, Lou Reed, Neil Young, and Morrissey. Not bad company.

Introducing contributing host Linda Faye Carson at 10:10: Linda Faye Carson is a singer-songwriter, cosmic adventurer, fairy godmother and muse with the news. This week she tackles changes at Loleta Cheese, a local baby on Netflix, a Mateel update, controversy at HSU regarding a crude joke, and the retirement of Fortuna’s police chief.

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