Humboldt Last Week thankful for 'Best of Humboldt' nod

Last month I was surprised to learn that Humboldt Last Week was selected by North Coast Journal readers as a “Best of Humboldt” winner. In all actuality I’d estimated the call coming in was from my car insurance company, but lo and behold it was Kyle from the ‘Journal calling to say we’d won best local podcast in the bonus round. Cool!

This is the first time the podcast has been awarded since its creation in 2016 and I’m ecstatic and appreciative. Thank you so much to the NCJ readers who voted for the pod, to the local people and organizations who continue their support, to the guests, and to the listeners who believe in our attempt to share local news in a fun and unique way.

Also, I’d like to send out a big shout-out to the podcasters and podcast listeners of Humboldt County. It feels like the term “podcast” is becoming less and less of a punching bag for the mean-spirited and more and more of a creative movement by the people for the people. Cheers to enjoying the creation of something you feel pushes you to be better regardless of how much feedback you received for your latest episode. Thank you.