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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 303)

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Listen to this episode here.

A pro-Palestinian protest in Arcata escalated as two women alleged misconduct by College of the Redwoods baseball team members. Stemming over a political sign and conversation, a woman alleged a player made derogatory remarks and struck her with his car, prompting her to hit and crack his windshield in defense. The woman also claims an assistant coach assaulted her. In their first reply, College of the Redwoods told Kym Kemp footage shows the woman vandalizing the involved vehicle and the players were the only assault victims. In a later article with the Times-Standard, the college was a bit more tight-lipped but referenced “unsubstantiated” claims. An investigation is ongoing with growing curiosity over video footage of the incidents.

An ex-boyfriend tied to a woman’s mysterious disappearance is wanted for arrest in Trinity County. Trinity officers were careful to say Tyler Burrow’s warrant over an alleged assault is unrelated to the disappearance of Bailey Blunt. The former couple went missing after Bailey tried to get her stuff from Tyler’s hangout near Willow Creek. After that, her car was later identified in the Redding and the Medford areas. A flier noted, before her silence, she texted a friend saying Tyler was drunk and pulled a gun on her. While a GoFundMe on behalf of Bailey states Tyler is a suspect, officers so far have only noted him as a person of interest in the case. Trinity officers say if you see him to exercise caution and contact them. Bailey’s family is offering a $1,500 reward for information that can solve the case.*** RHBB / TS

Eureka officials will examine a report saying the Nov. 2024 pro-parking vote could result in millions in losses. The initiative aims to halt downtown housing developments in favor of parking lots. A report and economic study indicates passing the Rob Arkley endorsed "Housing for All” effort could nix $170 million in construction activity, nix $7.2 million annually in retail spending, and lead to state lawsuits over failed housing goals. *** Loco

State and federal North Coast reps are not fond of the new Speaker of the House. About the Republican U.S. rep from Louisiana, Mike Johnson, State Senator Mike McGuire said “(he’s) anti-choice, anti-democracy, and opposes same-sex marriage. He’s an embarrassment to Mikes everywhere.” And about Johnson’s bible vibes, U.S. Rep Jared Huffman said “welcome to the Republican (era) of not even pretending they aren’t forcing their religion on Congress and the American people.”

Supervisor Rex Bohn included a handgun in a raffle basket while fundraising for a charity. Supervisor Mike Wilson initiated a discussion on the topic, suggesting the move had poor optics during an epidemic of mass shootings in the USA. Bohn noted the gun was a top-selling item but said he wouldn’t assemble similar raffle baskets while representing Humboldt County in the future. *** TS

The state has advised the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) and other agencies not to share license plate readings with out-of-state agencies. California’s Attorney General issued this guidance indirectly responding to fears that misuse of Automated License Plate Reader (or ALPR) data could impact immigrants and those traveling into California for abortion care. In June HCSO told Humboldt Last Week that sharing ALPR data can be helpful as “...crime is not confined within jurisdictional boundaries...” HCSO also stated their data was not shared with immigration enforcers. The gist of the guidance is generally centered around following California law while sharing ALPR data and keeping it within the state. It’s so far not stated how this will impact general efforts to capture accused criminals who cross state lines. *** TS

Arcata’s former statue of President William McKinley is now atop a pedestal in Ohio. Canton is where the assassinated 25th president once practiced law. During an unveiling ceremony, conservatives Karl Rove and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine were among those taking jabs at Arcata's decision to nix the century-old statue from the plaza over McKinley’s policies and their impact on people of color. Rove defended McKinley in a lengthy speech at the event. *** NCJ

Humboldt County's economy has taken a downturn according to Cal Poly Humboldt data. Rising interest rates, the end of pandemic relief funding, and inflation are listed as contributors. The housing market has cooled and retailers have seen declining sales. That said, it’s possible an influx of new residents as well as developments such as offshore wind could stabilize and improve these numbers. *** Loco

New data notes southern Humboldt County has some of the highest foreclosure rates nationwide. Garberville has a foreclosure for every 60 housing units, while Whitethorn has one for every 82 units. In partial explanation sources have pointed to cannabis market woes, high refinancing rates, and rising fire insurance costs. *** TS

Cal Poly Humboldt’s parking regulations have evicted homeless students living in their vehicles on campus. The administration cited safety and sanitation concerns, but the affected students argue the eviction was abrupt and lacked prior dialogue. While the university offered temporary housing options, students have been raising concerns about limited local housing availability. *** RHBB

Arcata’s safe parking program provides a place off Samoa Boulevard for those living in their cars. Operated by the Arcata House Partnership and funded by the city, participants have to have registered and insured vehicles and must be homeless. The Arcata House Partnership website has more info. *** NSN

Local cannabis growers owe $14.9M via Measure S. Following a period of tax relief due to the cannabis market's financial woes, growers are seeing payment-plan mandates and taxes reinstated at 10 percent for the upcoming fiscal year. Those who owe the county considerable cannabis operation taxes could face permit revocation. *** TS

Supes in Del Norte County reversed their rejection of a federal program offering free COVID vaccines to the uninsured. They yielded to vocal opponents who said the move stole the right for vulnerable community members to choose vaccination. *** WRO

The LA Times covered our far-right neighbors out east in Shasta County amid conspiracy theories about voter fraud. Their county government has become a focal point of national scrutiny over their pushback on voting technology. Their lone Democrat Registrar-recorder says she’ll continue to follow state law by using voting machines which has triggered heated backlash. Their election next week will stand as an interesting precursor to 2024. *** LA Times

U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman announced an $8.7M grant toward offshore wind in Humboldt County. This comes as North Coast lawmakers and the Biden-Harris administration say they’re aiming to advance renewable energy efforts and give the local economy a boost with offshore wind turbines. Officials say they'll collaborate with the community, fishermen, and tribes to maximize local benefits while minimizing impacts. *** RHBB

Efforts along the Klamath River have one dam down and more removals on the way. The removal of Copco No. 2 has returned some consistent flows for the first time in about a century. Attention now turns to the removal of three additional dams. As the largest dam removal project in the world continues, salmon populations should see a big boost. *** RHBB

Locally-exported celebrity chef Guy Fieri helped raise $1.5M for fire-impacted restaurants in Maui. Chefs for Maui in Sonoma saw attendees paying $2,500 per ticket to enjoy top-tier meals and a show by a band I’ve been lucky to interview in the past, Portugal. The Man. “Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan was in attendance among others. Fieri spent his childhood in Ferndale and often contributes charitably both locally and beyond. *** SFGate / People


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