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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 304)

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Listen to this podcast episode here.

The fugitive ex-boyfriend of a missing woman was located at an encampment in Oregon thanks to a tip from hunters. Bailey Blunt and her ex Tyler Burrow went missing in September after she tried to get her stuff from Tyler’s hangout near Willow Creek. At that time she’d reportedly texted a friend saying Tyler was drunk and had pulled a gun on her. After a 53-day search, Tyler was located in a rural area north of Medford with Bailey’s dog and her truck which had been spray-painted black. Fearing foul play and the worst, Bailey’s family hopes Tyler will reveal the location of her remains. Tyler was technically arrested on charges unrelated to Bailey’s disappearance. *** RHBB

The Bayshore Mall in Eureka is hosting a new arcade. Per a press release, the Sparky Fox Arcade was created by a man who overcame poverty and is carrying on the gaming passions of his late husband. While game options are currently limited, the owner noted that needed game purchases could become reality with community support. *** RHBB

Ferndale export and celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s new “Flavortown Spiked" beverages are hitting stores soon. The first release in collaboration with Two Roads Brewing will be a fruit punch malt drink at 6 percent ABV. Fieri has been involved in flavor crafting and can design with more flavors set for next year. The local export and Food Network star with spiked beverages and hair often contributes to charitable causes both locally and beyond. *** People

Many local restaurants are for sale. Fernbridge's Angelina Inn is listed at $1.9 million, Gill's by the Bay in Eureka is asking $2.5 million, The Curry Leaf in Eureka is available for $140,000, and the newly renovated Mazzotti's in Arcata is on sale for $850,000. Owners have cited the relentless challenges of the industry including supply chain challenges, staffing struggles, and inflation, while noting the right formula could see potential restaurant owners thriving. *** NCJ

Thieves reunited a French Bulldog with his Eureka family in exchange for reward money. The dog and other belongings were stolen from a Eureka home. After extensive search efforts and contacting police, the family received a call about the dog's return. While further details of the midnight transaction are unclear, the owner says if possible she may press charges regarding other stolen items. *** NCN

Eureka will display PETA’s “Fish Empathy Quilt” in City Hall for a month after declining to remove Woodley Island’s fisherman statue. PETA had controversially proposed to replace the beloved statue, which honors local fishermen lost at sea, with a sculpture made of trash. In a press release shared by Redheaded Blackbelt, PETA (in part) wrote that “fish are intelligent, empathetic, and playful beings who deserve the same consideration and compassion as humans…*** TS

Eureka businessman Rob Arkley caved to U.S. Senators demanding info on alleged gift shenanigans with conservative Supreme Court judges. Arkley cooperated belatedly while facing a subpoena threat from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who’ve said bribery prevention is a motive in inquiries. Arkley has been associated with extravagant trips involving Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. *** Loco [Arkley has also been in the news for his support of a 2024 Eureka ballot measure supporting parking lots over affordable housing projects.]

DNA tech solved the mystery of a body discovered in Trinidad in 1980. The remains were identified as Denise Gail Cruz, an alleged transient who’d stopped talking to family and was suffering from mental health challenges. Because her family was unsure if her silence was intentional, she was never reported missing. *** PR via RHBB

California Assemblymember Jim Wood unexpectedly announced he isn’t seeking reelection in 2024. The Democrat has represented the North Coast for five terms and won with 70 percent of the vote in 2022. A former full-time dentist, Wood was most known for his work on healthcare issues. He partially attributed his departure from state politics to family reasons and his mother’s declining health. *** RHBB

A heated debate occurred over Humboldt County’s controversial 2024 cannabis measure. While proponents of Measure A intend to majorly restrict cannabis cultivation over environmental and other concerns, opponents believe passage would significantly damage a crucial sector of Humboldt’s economy. The debate included expletives from the audience along with accusations of deception and unintended consequences. *** TS / Loco

The former Chalet House of Omelettes location in Eureka could host a new restaurant and food truck hub. Previously a breakfast spot for the last four decades, "The Tasty Hub" would be owned by the fella behind the local Caribbean restaurant A Taste of Bim. The lot, which has been vacant for the last three years, is at the north end of Eureka near the Red Lion Hotel. We’ll see if the project progresses. *** Loco

MSN shared an article boasting of Arcata’s affordability when compared to San Francisco. With an average home cost of $508,000 — less than half of San Francisco's $1.2 million average — the article notes that Arcata offers nature, scenery, and small-town vibes surrounded by awesome beaches and the world’s tallest trees. *** MSN

The New York Times ran an emotional letter on opioid addiction in the Hoopa community. On the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, a mom reflects on her sons and a granddaughter going from innocent youth and family activities to Oxycontin, heroin, and now fentanyl. While they struggled financially and emotionally, she also lost her husband to addiction and is now fighting for custody of her grandchildren: “I’ve been told I didn’t set enough boundaries. I’ve been blamed for my son’s addictions. But people with adult children with addiction will understand my predicament: No matter what boundaries you set, if adults want to use drugs, they will find a way to do it. I have cried, threatened and begged and accused my children of not loving me. And yet the only times they have quit was when they chose to try...” *** NYT

Locals are spending their money to watch Slap Wars. Viral videos have circulated across the world of people being rendered unconscious by slapping each other sourced from local casinos to UFC’s PowerSlap on TNT. Kortney Olson, who grew up in Humboldt County, was knocked silly on Powerslap and then appeared in a New York Times column warning of the sport’s dangers. There’s another slap event coming to Bear River Casino. Is it worth your money? Are there other sports available to watch that day that demonstrate a wider range of athletic skill with lower chances of participant brain damage?

Local export Sara Bareilles opened up about her challenges with body acceptance and aging. On Instagram, the Grammy winner tearfully spoke of societal beauty standards and working to embrace her body's natural changes. In 2022, Sarah put on a massively attended free concert for her hometown crowd along the Eureka waterfront. *** People

The Habit Burger is slated to open in Eureka. The fast food chain is planned to open where the old Sizzler was located a block over from the Red Lion Hotel. The popular company is known for made-to-order Charburgers. *** TS

Two community theaters are joining up in Eureka. Just down from Starbucks on 5th Street, the North Coast Repertory Theatre in Eureka will also host the Redwood Curtain Theater after the latter lost their event space. The joint venture, named the "D Street Theater," is looking forward to productions like Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and Sweeney Todd. *** Loco

Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman Alex Cappa has continued to note ‘Lumberjack Iron’ in his TV introductions. It’s a nod to strength and conditioning at his alma mater at Cal Poly Humboldt, and a subtle dig at the university for discontinuing its football program. A recent petition to bring football back to Cal Poly Humboldt notched over 2,000 signatures. *** TS


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