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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 305)

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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A woman believes her dog ingested meth at Cutten Elementary. The incident happened while the dog was on a walk and was allowed to run around in the school yard while kids were out on Thanksgiving break. The dog was yelping and acting strangely and then rushed to the vet. The dog has reportedly recovered and is still under monitoring. *** TS

A 19-year-old woman said her 39-year-old ex-boyfriend tried to light her on fire in Eureka. She noted he’d arrived uninvited, poured an accelerant on her, and tried to light it before running away. The suspect has been arrested and charged while an investigation into the incident is ongoing. *** PR via RHBB

Eureka police say they shot and killed an armed man near the library. Officers noted they attempted a traffic stop which led to a 31-year-old man fleeing. Following an altercation behind the library which was reportedly caught on body-worn cameras, officers say the suspect was killed as he pulled a loaded gun. *** PR via RHBB

Murder charges were dropped regarding a 2018 homicide in Dinsmore. Matthew Susmilch was accused of murdering Anthony Calderone, but new evidence suggested the killer acted in self-defense as Calderone was armed, high on stimulants, and chasing him during a roadway dispute. Initial Redheaded Blackbelt reports from the scene out 36 involved a gunshot wound to the head and a car chase with multiple shots fired. *** TS / TS

A group of veterans living at Bayview Heights in Eureka noted concerns about neighbors suffering from severe mental illness. The apartment complex near the Co-op hosts 25 vets and 25 recently homeless people via the “Housing First” approach, aiming to provide housing without prerequisites or a willingness to participate in programs. With an alleged history of drug-related incidents and violent encounters, recent evictions and policies have apparently helped. The developments at the 2019-built facility add to the nuances of our complicated efforts to improve homeless and mental health issues locally and worldwide. *** NCJ

McKinleyville High School went into lockdown for two consecutive days over unsubstantiated reports of armed men on campus. With anxieties high over increasingly normalized lockdowns on campuses across the country, officers thankfully found no threats. *** RHBB

PG&E unveiled potential plans to remove dams on the Eel River in the interest of fish populations. A final draft of these plans should be released in 2024, but there are disagreements over water diversions. We’ll see how the project proceeds. *** TS

The LA Times covered the Cal Poly Humboldt students evicted from living in their vehicles on campus. Citing health and safety reasons, the university’s actions have led to some faculty condemning the move as criminalizing homelessness. Some vehicle-dwelling students have organized to battle the Arcata university's portrayal of their living conditions. The incident sheds light on the broader housing challenges in Humboldt County and beyond. *** LA Times

Policy is currently pausing the donation of a man’s organs. The man died in jail in Eureka and his parents are looking to honor his desire to donate his organs. County officials are noting an ongoing investigation and policy as pausing the donation for now, while the man’s family says the clock is ticking on the viability of his organs. Reportedly there is already a list of potential organ recipients related to this case. *** RHBB

Avelo Airlines announced the discontinuation of flights between Humboldt County and Las Vegas. The last flights scheduled will occur on Monday, Jan. 8, 2024. Avelo expressed gratitude for the community's support and emphasized their continued service between ACV and Los Angeles via Burbank. *** RHBB

Mike McGuire applauded Governor Newsom’s debate skills against Ron DeSantis. The North Coast rep and Majority Leader of the California State Senate said Newsom eviscerated Ron DeSantis on live TV and it was a total crime scene. He shared this Newsom quote from the Fox New debate with Florida’s Governor: “One thing we have in common is neither of us will be the nominee for our party in 2024.” *** X

A new book delves into a local philanthropist often likened to Mother Teresa. "The Gray Bird Sings: The Extraordinary Life of Betty Kwan Chinn” is promoted as a gripping biography about a woman who survived traumatic poverty and homelessness in China only to become a symbol of hope for homeless people in Humboldt County. The book covers her transformation and tireless efforts. Authored by Karen Price, all proceeds support the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation. *** PR via RHBB

The U.S. Justice Department says Brookings’ rules on meals for the homeless may violate religious freedom. The coastal city in southern Oregon prefers St. Timothy’s Church to only provide food to the homeless two days a week. The church says this goes against their religious duty to help and the U.S. Justice Department agrees. *** WRO

Eureka’s Sequoia Park Zoo is getting bedazzled in over 6,000 feet of festive lights. The vibe leads visitors through the Bear and Coyote boardwalk up to the Redwood Sky Walk. The fun includes special events like the Holiday Extravaganza on December 16 and 17 with Santa, treats, and drinks. Extended hours will run from December 15 to January 7, weather permitting. *** PR via RHBB

College of the Redwoods will play in the ‘Grizzly Bowl’ at Cal Poly Humboldt in Arcata on Dec. 2. The high-scoring Corsairs are on a five-game winning streak and will face Hartnell College. The local community college hasn’t won a bowl game since 1993. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. on December 2 in the Redwood Bowl at Cal Poly Humboldt. *** Humboldt Sports

Grammy-winning Eureka export Sara Bareilles is eyeing the release of the filmed version of “Waitress” on her birthday. The acclaimed Broadway musical will hit theaters on Dec. 7. In a new interview, Sara hinted about a new upcoming musical project. *** New York Post[“Waitress: The Musical” is scheduled to hit Eureka and McKinleyville’s theaters].

The Skunk Train is offering a Christmas experience out of Willits. Running from Nov. 25 to Dec. 31, perks of the experience include a journey through redwoods to a giant Christmas tree, Santa’s workshop, and festive decorations. Tickers are on the pricier side from $60 to $95 a seat. *** PR via RHBB


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