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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 310)

Updated: Jan 26

Listen to this episode here.

A hostage situation in Eureka ended with an officer-involved killing of the suspect. Eureka Police initially responded to a 12-year-old looking for help after allegedly being stabbed in the neck by his uncle at a residence near the Coca Cola Bottling facility. The suspect reportedly barricaded himself and took four kids hostage for several hours before releasing them. After a day-long standoff, including shelter-in-place warnings for those nearby, the suspect was shot and killed by police. The boy with a significant neck wound was treated and his injury was non life-threatening. *** RHBB / EPD PR

A single day of strikes at Cal Poly Humboldt conjured a deal for faculty members. Just before the strikes, the California State University system announced a tentative deal with skilled trade workers. However, without an agreement on their end, the California Faculty Association moved forward with their strike before a deal was reached regarding salary and paid parental leave (among other desires). *** RHBB

A mysterious company is looking to convert the former Jacobs campus in Eureka into housing. The company, which has so far thwarted non-housing plans for the blighted site, has denied connection with Rob Arkley and the Arkley-associated group “Housing for All,” who believe the Jacobs project in residential Eureka could bolster their ballot-initiative efforts to reject downtown affordable housing projects in favor of parking lots. That said, the Journal has reported the mysterious company has been represented by an Arkley-associated lawyer. Eureka’s parking-over-housing initiative will be on the November ballot.

A man from McKinleyville was found not guilty of murdering his childhood friend due to insanity. The trial revealed his severe delusions, from alien commands to bizarre conspiracies involving the victim's family. The victim’s family is considering leaving McKinleyville to avoid potential threats if the killer is released. A placement hearing looms. *** TS

A local judge will soon decide the legality of the City of Arcata flying an ‘earth flag’ above the USA flag. Citing a desire for a healthy earth, a narrow majority of Arcata voters chose to fly the earth flag up top in 2022. City officials have proceeded to seek a judge’s decision on the matter. Earth flag opponents say state and federal laws require the USA flag up top, while earth flag supporters argue it is bolstered by voter support and First Amendment expression. *** MRU via RHBB

A raid on a cannabis property near Loleta included allegations of human trafficking. The Table Bluff area farmers involved are also accused of unpermitted cannabis cultivation, gang association, and handling illegal weapons. *** RHBB

A SoHum cannabis farmer was told to fork over $1.75M due to environmental violations. Illegal water diversion and habitat destruction were the main offenses. *** RHBB

A public discussion at Cal Poly Humboldt will cover an upcoming controversial cannabis vote. Set for the March 5 primary election, Humboldt County’s Measure A seeks to significantly limit the legal cannabis industry. With proponents and opponents set to speak, the discussion on campus in Arcata is scheduled for Thursday, February 1 at 5 p.m. Whether attending in-person or online, folks can RSVP here. (Thanks to friend of the show Whitney for the tip.)

Weekday bus service connecting Eureka and Ukiah has begun for just $2. *** RHBB (While the route is roughly two and a half hours by car, the transit company notes that via bus the trip takes three and a half hours.)

A century-old dam on the Klamath River was partially exploded on video. The visual showed a surge of water at 4,000 cubic feet per second following the use of 800 pounds of dynamite on the dam’s concrete plug. Four dam removals are scheduled to be finished by fall. The efforts highlight a momentous pivot as the largest dam removal project in the world seeks to boost salmon populations among other purposes. *** Video

Humboldt County's offshore wind energy plans received a boost of almost a half a billion dollars. This comes from a $426.7 million federal grant intended to help fund the construction of a terminal for assembling and transporting offshore wind turbines. North Coast officials applauded the development. Congressman Jared Huffman announced the grant and mentioned its significance in combating climate change. The terminal could be completed by 2029. Interestingly, the funds are also earmarked for a trail and a public access pier. *** Photos via Loco

The seventh and final Eureka Street Art Festival will happen this summer. Noting the murals and festival couldn’t last forever, the celebration has adorned Eureka with over 100 vibrant murals. For the finale, the community can help by offering walls and funding by February 1. Organizers say this year they’re selecting artists who’ve already applied. *** Press release


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