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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 314)

Updated: Mar 15

Listen here. Transcript below.

A teenager’s alleged plan to sell drugs on social media shockingly backfired. A 19-year-old Eurekan was reportedly stung by undercovers in an attempt to sell cocaine and other drugs on those apps we use to doom scroll. Accompanied by a juvenile, cops say he was also using a 3D printer to build guns. *** RHBB

A family survived a plane crash near the Humboldt-Mendocino line with the help of some cool tech. As the small plane became apparently doomed in the air due to engine failure, a family of three from Santa Rosa including a 2-year-old used a handy device to survive. Slowing their fall to the ground was an entire-aircraft parachute system — the only FAA-approved system like it. Crashing and tangling in trees in Whale Gulch, they only had minor injuries. *** RHBB

Humboldt County is eyeing its cannabis future after the rejection of what High Times called the “Karen initiative.” Measure A sought to significantly restrict the local cannabis industry but voters resoundingly rejected it on their ballots. Per sources, now the focus is on improving regulations, allowing more direct sales opportunities, and incentivizing good practices while reminding the world of Humboldt County’s cannabis quality and history. "The challenge now is that the market is flooded with cheap product, while consumers have been taught that THC-content is the primary determinant of quality.” *** NCJ

Yurok and the Bear River tribal officials have denounced proposed offshore wind energy projects along the North Coast. Reps said they believe the impacts outweigh the benefits and they should’ve been better consulted. In opposition, others claim climate change is a much greater threat than offshore wind turbines. Hundreds of millions of federal dollars have already been invested in proposed offshore wind energy projects in Humboldt County and we’ll see how this news impacts things. *** TS

An arrest was made following reports of threatening and anti-Semitic messages on social media. 33-year-old Daniel Epperson of Arcata was also charged with harassment and booked. It appears the same man was arrested in 2015 after allegedly attacking a group with a bat before knocking himself unconscious. *** RHBB

A school board controversially voted to oust Arcata High School’s principal. Members of the community have been confused and angry as Ron Perry has been a popular figure in local education. While a complete explanation is sought, admins say Perry will complete the school year as principal and then they plan to reassign him to a teaching position. *** Loco / Pepperbox

Congressman Jared Huffman joined the majority of U.S. reps voting to rein in TikTok. While the advancing House bill faces tough odds in the Senate, it aims to either force TikTok to sell the addictive app or face a ban in the USA. Reps fear the app could be used by the Chinese government to manipulate impressionable minds. In a Loco poll, the majority of voters agreed with Huffman’s stance. *** NYT

The New York Jets re-signed Eureka export Jake Hanson. Jake joined the Jets in 2023 after stints with the Green Bay Packers, the Oregon Ducks, and the Eureka Loggers. Last season he started four games at right guard. Next season we’ll see how Jake protects controversial attention-seeker Aaron Rodgers. *** Jets

Eureka’s St. Bernard’s earned their first-ever high school state championship in girls basketball. Coach Matt Tomlin and his team of standouts had an awesome season record of 30-5. Congrats on the inspiring run, Crusaders! *** HS


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