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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 318)

Listen to this episode here.

Dozens were arrested during pro-Palestinian protests at Cal Poly Humboldt. Demonstrators barricaded themselves inside campus buildings and occupied the property demanding the university cut spending that could bolster Israel’s military efforts, prompting clashes with cops and a campus closure. Did you see the video of a protestor bonking a cop with a water jug? Did you see the photo of a protestor with bloody injuries to his head? The graffiti and vandalism? Among more civil verbiage, there was the upside-down US flag marked with “free Palestine” and markings with the phrase “kill cops.” Those arrested during the largest operation in the middle of the night with over 100 riot officers included an assistant professor, a member of the media, and what the university said was a majority of non-students. The arrests prompted further protests at the jail while the detained professor threatened a hunger strike. Did you see criticism alleging the protestors were disorganized and misguided? Did you see allegations the police were also disorganized and escalated things? Cal Poly Humboldt said it supports free speech but took issue with graffiti and vandalism with damages estimated in the millions, along with the disruption of classes. Regarding their spending, the university says their investments are environmentally and socially responsible, with minimal indirect links to Israeli companies plus no direct ties to Israeli universities, and they’re committed to ongoing dialogue on the subject. Cal Poly Humboldt’s roughly 6,000 students saw classes canceled or moved online for the rest of the semester and the general faculty gave their president a vote of no-confidence. The local protest was one of many happening at college campuses nationwide as the fall 2023 Hamas attack killed around 1,400 people while Israel’s military response has killed an estimated 34,000 Palestinians (as of this recording), mostly civilians. The local events were covered by the New York Times, LA Times, The Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, CBS, The Daily Beast, Fox, and others. *** RHBB

A truck with a video screen was flashing KKK images at Cal Poly Humboldt. Reportedly, the driver was possibly a Russian national who was nabbed by police and charged with trespassing. There was a similar incident on a campus in Virginia involving a truck flashing a shit-stirring image. Fingers crossed for an update. *** RHBB

NYT coverage on CPH protests juxtaposed cops’ display of force with a region known for pacifism and natural beauty. The famed news organization noted the deep-seated culture of protest at Cal Poly Humboldt, where historical tensions between environmentalists and the timber industry have also boiled. *** NTY

CR’s president called on Biden to urge a cease-fire in Gaza. Drawing from his Marine background, Keith Flamer stressed the importance of lawful protest, he condemned the violence and said College of the Redwoods absolutely does not have financial ties to military manufacturing. Keith says saving lives should be our nation's utmost priority in Gaza. *** TS [In remarks last week, President Biden said he supports peaceful protests and free speech but not hate speech, violence, vandalism, or destruction of property, and said firmly, "No," when asked if the student protests would change his policies with Israel."]

A Fortuna 19-year-old is feared dead after attempting a rescue in the Trinity River. The teenager jumped in to help a struggling swimmer before an exhaustive search. The cold, fast-moving waters near Tish Tang out 96 are clearly not yet in season for recreational swimming. Our hearts go out to the families involved. *** TS / RHBB

Two were hospitalized after a pair of connected shootings near Eureka. Cops say a 75-year-old woman was shot multiple times in the Cutten area and they shot the suspect after he tried to get away. During the chase, he apparently ran into a house and then came out with his gun pointed at officers and they opened fire. No word on how the elderly woman is faring in the hospital. *** RHBB

Free samples will be given out at the Eureka North Coast-Co-op on May 18. They’re saying this event is a chance to unveil their revamped store, introduce us to goodies from their vendors, give out prizes, and give out gift bags to the first 50 attendees. That’s Saturday, May 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. *** Post

Arcata officials advanced plans for a restaurant where the former Toby and Jack’s bar lost its liquor license in 2020. The Arcata Plaza location is looking to host the Habibi Bar and Grill with new siding, windows, and a fresh coat of paint. The former bar lost its liquor license amid allegations of drug dealing with ownership in the know, among other accusations. *** TS

Our climate is still thought to be a big reason why Humboldt County has economic longevity. A recent Reddit post asked if Humboldt County is going to be a dead county in 10 to 15 years. “No, it's an international climate sanctuary,” was the most upvoted comment by a long shot.

The locally-inspired cannabis horror ‘Trim Season’ is set for release on June 7. Starring Alex Essoe (of ‘Midnight Mass’ fame) and Bex Taylor-Klaus (who starred in the TV version of ‘Scream’), the movie follows city people facing terror on a local and secluded marijuana farm. As The Hollywood Reporter noted, ‘Trim Season’ is loosely inspired by an interpretation of events here in Humboldt County. The flick is first scheduled to hit select theaters. *** Trailer

A run and walk on Mother's Day will benefit and celebrate women. The annual Atalanta Victory Walk & Run includes 2-mile and 5-mile courses through the beautiful Arcata bottoms. Lots of kids get involved and it looks like a lot of fun. The action starts at 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 12 at the North Coast Co-op in Arcata (the walk and run also finishes there). Proceeds benefit the stellar efforts of the Breast and G.Y.N. Health Project. *** Register [Thanks to friend-of-the-show Rose for sending this my way.]


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