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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 320)

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Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood is set to score the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie that was shot in Humboldt County. Jonny, a Grammy-winning guitarist and composer, will again join director Paul Thomas Anderson after earning an Oscar nomination from their previous collaborations. Sean Penn, Regina Hall, and Alana Haim are also reportedly tied to the new project rumored to be a modernized version of “Vineland” by Thomas Pynchon, who’s spent time living in Humboldt County.

County officials are exploring options as Governor Newsom released billions early for mental health housing. Newsom is urging counties to use the money efficiently and quickly following the narrow passage of Proposition 1. County rep Christine Messinger told me right now they’re reviewing opportunities in response to the announcement. *** CalMatters

A new mental health treatment center is still set to open in Arcata sometime in 2026. Funded by previous grants and unrelated to Newsom’s recent announcement regarding Proposition 1, previous reports noted the center near Arcata’s hospital would include 12 sobering beds, crisis stabilization, and substance abuse treatment. The county confirmed that the project is still on schedule.

[Meanwhile, as our homeless population includes those in need of mental health treatment…]

Governor Newsom has been facing scrutiny for spending $24B on homelessness programs over five years while California’s homeless population has increased. Newsom has replied essentially saying the varied strategies of local governments could take time, and he’s looking for improvements in effort and accountability. During a Eureka City Council meeting in April, attendees heard of the city’s efforts to tackle homelessness including more affordable housing, transitional housing, programs, shelter space, and navigation centers.

Arcata planners advanced more housing potential courtesy of the ‘Gateway’ plan. The idea is to amend zoning in the Creamery District to accommodate buildings as tall as eight stories and allow up to 3,500 new residential units. Meanwhile, Arcata firefighters are warning they would need more resources to properly handle such developments. *** TS / Loco [This news comes as Cal Poly Humboldt tries to expand its student body, climate refugees are moving to our area, and newcomers look to be a part of proposed economy-boosting projects. We’ll see if Arcata officials make the plan a reality.]

Layoffs at Sun Valley Floral Farms look to strike a big economic blow to our region. Due to a business downturn, the flower producer announced this for all employees in Arcata and Oxnard effective in July. Up to 700 peak-season workers will lose their jobs and health benefits. *** Loco

Pro-Palestinian supporters staged their own Cal Poly Humboldt graduation ceremony at the Humboldt County Courthouse. Attendees criticized the university's handling of demonstrations on campus which resulted in over 30 arrests, a campus closure, off-site graduation ceremonies, and calls to fire university leadership. Graduates at the alternative ceremony in Eureka dedicated their degrees to Palestinian children that’ve been killed in the Gaza conflict. *** RHBB / Loco

It turns out most of those arrested during pro-Palestinian protests at Cal Poly Humboldt were affiliated with the university. While reports from campus officials said most of the 32 protesters arrested were “outside agitators,” 14 were current students, nine were former students, one was a faculty member, and only eight had no university affiliation. Also as you may remember, one of those arrested was a member of the media. Those arrested at Cal Poly Humboldt clashed with hundreds of police from outside our region. *** TS

Cal Poly Humboldt responded to the ACLU’s disapproval of their campus closure. The human rights organization and others say the university was suspect when it closed a public space to the public and to the press, citing a precedent that such closures need to be narrow and targeted and not a large closure spanning days on end. In response, a lawyer for Cal Poly Humboldt said the area, closed for safety, was a crime scene because of vandalism and destruction. *** TS

A rep says Cal Poly Humboldt’s president received racist threats toward him and his family. Tom Jackson’s chief of staff said those threats explain Jackson’s absence from a recent meeting, he defended the school’s actions surrounding recent pro-Palestinean protests, he refuted allegations of poor communication with protesters, and suggested a division among faculty. The rep also said the university successfully put on 17 alternative commencement ceremonies that were only by vandalism including spray paint and feces smeared on a lock. *** NCJ

Cal Poly Humboldt announced plans to lock most of its buildings at all times. Access will happen via key cards or codes except for “open buildings” like the library, food areas, and the rec center among others. The move has sparked criticism. *** Loco

Dozens of pro-Palestine demonstrators crashed a private fundraiser for North Coast congressman Jared Huffman. Outside Lagunitas Brewing in Petaluma, they accused Jared of supporting Israel's actions in Gaza. While Humboldt County’s U.S. lawmaker has previously called for a ceasefire and the release of hostages, protesters have been calling for stronger action. The incident ended peacefully. *** KTVU

Humboldt County Supervisors called for peace in the Middle East. They passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire and the release of hostages in the Israel-Palestine conflict. The gesture is similar to others from Arcata officials, College of the Redwoods, and others.

A former addiction recovery center owner was sentenced to prison for 3 DUIs and 2 with a kid in the car. The woman was briefly the proprietor of the now-closed Singing Trees Recovery Center in Garberville. She’s also denied misusing funds designated for at-risk children. *** Loco

(UPDATE) More information has surfaced regarding the demotion of Arcata High’s principal. A 2023 letter cited concerns over Ron Perry's handling of student discipline and handling of alleged threats made against a teacher. Despite community support including a petition with over 1,000 signatures, Ron will lose his current position at the end of the school year. *** NCJ

Humboldt County’s airport is again upping things making it six weekly LA flights beginning the end of summer. The news comes shortly after Avelo Airlines announced they’d up things to five flights a week beginning June 9. The sixth weekly flight is set to begin on September 15. The airline noted the expansions have been possible with community support. *** PR via RHBB

Ferndale export Guy Fieri has shed over 30 pounds with diet and exercise. He says he’s been rucking, which involves hiking with a weighted backpack to burn fat, build muscle, and enhance mental clarity. He still eats what he wants (but less of it) while using the intermittent fasting method. Hat tip to the celebrity chef and philanthropist who often helps Humboldt County among other communities. *** Men’s Health / Business Insider (no paywall) / Instagram

Ex-Eureka Logger and NFL standout Rey Maualuga recently reached 1,000 days of sobriety. On the upside, the linebacker had a solid career with the Cincinnati Bengals, a brief stint with the Miami Dolphins, and even had a role in the 2014 Jon Hamm movie ‘Million Dollar Arm.’ The Loggers were nearly unstoppable with him, he played for coach Pete Carroll's USC Trojans and was drafted by the Bengals in the 2nd round, peaking as a player in 2012 with 122 tackles. But off the field, Rey’s career was marred by alcohol, with reported fights and charges for driving under the influence. He recently said: “I am a better person, partner, friend, and most of all a better father without (alcohol).” We’re rooting for you, Rey. *** Twitter

Thank you to Scott Hammond for having me on his podcast 100% Humboldt. The tag reads: “(Humboldt County) is the home of some of the most iconoclastic, genuine, and interesting folks in the world.” Sounds like he decided to lower his standards a little when he invited me, but more importantly, we had a lovely chat and I hope you check it out. *** Where you get podcasts


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