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TLDR local news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 301)

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Listen to this episode here.

New details have emerged about a 20-year-old Eureka woman accused of murdering her 27-year-old roommate. Following an argument over loud music, the suspect’s lawyer says she stabbed her female roommate to death in defense of her boyfriend, who’d been attacked and stabbed in the neck by the deceased with a broken ceramic mug. Prosecutors say the young accused murderer used excessive force, lied about her actions, and was the first to initiate violence. Additionally, the defense also hoped to unseal the deceased’s mental health records. The 20-year-old suspect’s text messages about the August incident apparently read: "I did it... I stabbed her... It was a life or death situation…" And another potential twist: Prosecutors believe the boyfriend may have more involvement in this incident and said they’d use his testimony against him in possible proceedings. Following preliminary hearings it was determined the young accused murderer will go to trial. *** T-S / T-S

The old Pine Motel location on Broadway in Eureka will actually be a Wingstop and a Starbucks. Think chicken wings with loads of sauces. The location near Les Schwab used to be a run-down motel owned by late slumlord Floyd Squires. *** Loco. After the hotel burned down in 2017 the City of Eureka somewhat notoriously alluded to unproven accusations that Squires exchanged an apartment there for a sex act. But, um, anyway… Wingstop is replacing Subway in plans for the Broadway spot.

The mysterious disappearance of a local woman and her allegedly abusive ex-boyfriend has prompted a GoFundMe to hire a private investigator. It’s reported the two went missing after the woman tried to get her stuff from her ex’s hangout near Willow Creek and her car was later identified by a license plate reader in Redding. A flier noted before her silence she texted a friend saying her ex-boyfriend was drunk and he pulled a gun on her. Law enforcement has not yet named her ex as a suspect. *** RHBB

A local woman was last located with her son before he was booked into the Mendocino County Jail for DUI. He’s being questioned. The son has a local history of legal trouble including alleged lewd acts on a child but it’s so far unverified if he’s a suspect in his mom’s disappearance. *** RHBB

Jewish students at Cal Poly Humboldt saw their property vandalized with a hateful message during global mourning over Hamas attacks on Israeli citizens. A traditional tent belonging to the Jewish Student Union was defaced with the writing “Free Palestine, F*** Israel.” The university condemned the act and vowed to prosecute hate crimes vigorously while following video evidence and other leads. In response a local rabbi emphasized solidarity and support through these challenging international developments. *** NCN / RHBB

A man who claimed he was defending his violent dog during an Alderpoint murder was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. At a January 2022 social gathering, it’s said the murderer’s dog severely bit the victim on the face, the victim threatened the dog, and the murderer callously shot the victim in the head at close range. These fellas were young men: The killer was in his late 20s at the time of the murder and the victim, Trevor Earley, was 25. Trevor was a skilled athlete who was noted as one of the rare freshmen to make Ferndale High’s varsity football team. *** RHBB / T-S

Organized cannabis growers filed a lawsuit alleging the ‘unlawful’ advancement of Measure A was marred by misleading information. The controversial Measure A would restrict a considerable amount of cannabis cultivation in Humboldt County, while the aforementioned lawsuit argues the initiative's petition misled signers and failed to include the full text as legally required. Measure A supporters think the local cannabis industry’s impacts are excessive, while opponents fear it significantly damages a crucial sector of our economy. *** RHBB

Rob Arkley’s passion for parking lots over affordable downtown housing has prompted more lawsuits against the City of Eureka. The conservative Eureka businessman, who’s currently accused of withholding information from U.S. Senators, has filed new lawsuits seeking to stop or delay these housing projects over alleged technicalities. Arkley has also threatened to move his business out of the city and is part of an organized effort to stop these housing projects with 2024’s ‘Housing For All’ Eureka ballot item. *** Loco

23 pounds of meth was confiscated as officers nabbed six people apparently running a big drug operation. Fentanyl, cocaine, and even a few guns were taken in as well with most of the arrests happening in Fortuna, Ferndale, Eureka, and even southern Oregon. *** T-S

Cal Poly Humboldt is aiming to double its student numbers by 2028 but that could take 50 years at the current rate. This year's student count is similar to last year but at the same time, they've managed to increase tuition revenue. Also, there are 15 new academic programs. *** T-S

Governor Newsom signed State Senator Mike McGuire's bill aimed at speeding up offshore wind projects. This comes as proposed offshore wind energy projects have been advancing in Humboldt County with the goal of promoting green energy and local jobs. McGuire says the legislation slashes five years off the offshore wind permitting process while safeguarding the coastal environment and fishing industry. *** PR via RHBB

Supes in Del Norte County controversially rejected a federal program offering free COVID vaccines to the uninsured. Opponents said the move stole the right for vulnerable community members to choose vaccination and there were relatively zero downsides to participating in the program. Supes argued if they could change course and said they’d delve into the issue further at a later time. *** WRO

Governor Newsom signed a bill aiming to overhaul the state's mental health system. It eases long-standing restrictions on involuntary treatment and coincides with the implementation of CARE Court. These efforts, loosening Reagan-area involuntary commitment criteria from 1967, largely focus on helping homeless individuals suffering from mental health issues. Per federal data, California has more than 170,000 homeless people with nearly a quarter suffering from severe mental illness. *** CalMatters

Next week the Eureka City Council will consider decriminalizing entheogens like psychedelic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and peyote. Arcata made a similar move in 2021. Proponents believe entheogens have considerable therapeutic and mental health benefits. Opposition is citing the need for more evidence and guidelines on therapeutic use. *** Loco

Authorities IDed remains found in Arizona in 1982 as a Humboldt County man. DNA tech unmasked Virgil Renner as the deceased, who left Humboldt to hunt for gold in Nevada. It’s still an unsettling mystery how he ended up dead in Arizona. When his body was found in the rural desert near Kingman in ‘80s it appeared he was dead for a year and his cause of death was undetermined. *** SFGate / RHBB

SFGate covered Willow Creek’s Bigfoot fascination. The Willow Creek China Flat Museum is notably mentioned with its world-renowned collection of Bigfoot research and artifacts ranging from 19th-century newspaper accounts to iconic film footage. While the author referred to Cal Poly Humboldt by its old “Humboldt State” moniker, they mentioned the university's "Intro to Bigfoot Studies" class. They also noted Willow Creek's inclusion in Hulu’s 2021 documentary “Sasquatch.” *** SFGate

The PG-13 to R-rated “Haunted Rail Tour” is happening behind the Samoa Cookhouse. Brace yourself for eerie guided tours with scripted narratives from 6 p.m. to midnight on select nights in October with tickets ranging from $20 to $25. *** more info and a link to tickets


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