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TLDR local news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 302)

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Listen to this episode here.

A young McKinleyville man accused of murdering his longtime friend had texted about ridding ‘flesh-eating people.’ The 25-year-old pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity as lawyers shared texts alluding to paranoid delusions and a belief in an underground society. The suspect, recently divorced, was reportedly diagnosed with mental health issues and confessed to the shotgun murder in residential McKinleyville. The deceased’s widow testified she was home and ducked behind a couch when the shooting happened in their front yard. The victim, Michael Davis, had recently graduated from Cal Poly Humboldt and was a standout track athlete at McKinleyville High. The case is so far proceeding to trial. *** TS / TS / Obit

Tourists who lost their dog locally got him back after an agonizing 31-day search from afar. Mars the Doodle mix saw his family’s weekend getaway to Redwood National Park turn into a nightmare when Mars escaped from a pet sitter in McKinleyville. After a month-long search the doggo was safely brought in via the pet reuniting efforts of Humboldt Paws Cause and a humane trap. The family then successfully met their GoFundMe goal to help with veterinary expenses and travel back and forth from their home in Salt Lake City. *** GoFundMe

(UPDATE) A missing Eureka mom was found dead and concealed in an impounded van that was driven by her allegedly intoxicated son. The son had been booked into Mendocino County Jail for an alleged DUI hit-and-run involving the van before it was impounded. The mom’s death is under investigation. Her son has a local history of legal trouble including alleged lewd acts on a child. *** RHBB / NCJ

A shooting along Alliance Road in Arcata sent an 18-year old to the hospital with a leg wound. This was at nighttime about a block down from Murphy’s Market in Arcata and a vehicle reportedly fled the scene. Cops then arrested 20-year-old Fortunan Richard McCovey II while he was working at Burger King and charged him with attempted murder. Investigators believe the two know each other. *** RHBB

The on-video arrest of a man with reported mental health issues prompted criticism from the Hoopa community. The video shows multiple Humboldt County Sheriff’s Officers wrestling with a suspect on the ground and throwing three punches. The suspect was released on intoxication and resisting charges, but the incident fueled community tension following a recent fatal shooting by a CHP officer. Humboldt County Sheriff Billy Honsal noted the suspect had been flagged for potential arrest resistance over his history, the arrest with body-cam footage shows the suspect resisting, and the suspect received a mental health evaluation after the arrest. Honsal emphasized rebuilding trust and filing complaints in cases of unfair treatment. *** RHBB1 / RHBB2

The Arcata City Council officially opposes the contentious Cannabis Reform Initiative for Humboldt voters in March 2024. If passed, Measure A would restrict a considerable amount of cannabis cultivation in Humboldt County. Supporters think the local cannabis industry’s impacts are excessive, while opponents like the Arcata City Council fear it significantly damages a crucial sector of our economy. *** Loco

Rio Dell is still reeling from the late-2022 6.4 magnitude earthquake. Low-income residents in the area have remained stranded without funding assistance in a labyrinthine of slug-paced applications. Officials and residents are extremely frustrated 10 months out. *** Loco

It’s contested if Eureka voters should vote on the confusingly-named ‘Housing for All’ initiative in March or November of 2024. The initiative aims to halt housing developments in favor of downtown parking lots. Backers of the vote say it should be considered in March 2024, but the city asserts the currently-planned November 2024 vote aligns with election code. We’ll see what the courts do. *** RHBB

The former Humboldt County Fair Association bookkeeper was indicted on federal embezzlement charges. Prosecutors claim she rerouted hundreds of thousands of dollars and spent the funds on Amazon, dining, and gambling, among other things. If convicted she’ll face up to 20 years in prison and a hefty fine. *** NCJ

A Del Norte County Sheriff's Deputy was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend. Her body was found in her Crescent City home and the man was apprehended near a homeless encampment in Brookings. The suspect reportedly has a history of mental health episodes. Deanna Esmaeel was a courthouse bailiff and the mother of actor and fitness influencer Marty York. Marty York, known for his role as "Yeah-Yeah" in "The Sandlot," expressed his anguish and vowed to seek justice. *** RHBB / TMZ

CalMatters took a deep dive into potential offshore wind development in Humboldt County. Our region is steeped in boom-and-bust histories related to gold, timber, and cannabis, so what spin will offshore turbines have on our local economy? We’ve heard about jobs, positive economic ripples, and renewable energy upsides. But challenges include deep-water operations, infrastructure development, and potential impacts on the environment, fishing, and housing costs. *** CalMatters via RHBB

Mazzotti’s restaurant on the Arcata Plaza is for sale for $850K. The eatery which used to include a sister location in Eureka has been a local Italian food option for decades. The prime Arcata Plaza location with an ABC license underwent a recent makeover and buyers could either continue in the Mazzotti’s name or do their own thing. The purchase would include all equipment and furnishings, but the building itself is not included. The lease for the 4,700-square-foot space runs at $9,000 monthly and extends until September 2031. *** Flexmls [Mazzotti’s has been a Humboldt Last Week sponsor in the past]

The Eureka City Council OKed entheogens like magic mushrooms for adults 21 and over. The decriminalization does not allow entheogen sales and resembles recent developments in Oakland, Santa Cruz, Denver, and Arcata. Proponents chatted about upsides to these psychedelics when battling depression and anxiety, and critics thought there should be more research on how decriminalizing mushrooms, ayahuasca, and peyote would impact Eureka. *** TS


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