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TLDR local news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 298)

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Listen to this episode here.

An alleged poop-throwing “pure evil” multiple murderer is finally headed to trial. After a long process, it's been decided Wesley Starritt is mentally fit to face trial including allegations of two stabbing murders and two non-fatal stabbings in the Eureka area dating back several years. In one of the alleged murders police said the victim’s body was stabbed 96 times and Starritt confessed to continuing his attack after the victim was unconscious. He’s also accused of jail assaults and throwing excrement on another person in jail. You may remember in 2020 EPD’s former chief said his crimes “painted a portrait of pure evil” and the motive in some of his stabbings was “simply to kill.” *** TS

A former Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence member was arrested for masturbating at a local beach. Witnesses at Table Bluff said Clinton Monroe Ellis-Gilmore was seen acting indecently for an hour in a truck with the door open. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence include queer and trans nuns who are critical of some aspects of religion. In a press release clarifying details reported by the Daily Wire and others, the organization condemned the alleged behavior and said the suspect is no longer associated with them. ***Press release via RHBB

Opening soon in Arcata: Pale Moon Brewing Company. Pale Blue, located by Safeway in Arcata, will feature small-batch craft beers. It’s designated as a “nanobrewry,” which means it’ll produce less beer than a microbrewery. Food won’t be served but will be permitted from elsewhere. The owner’s background in swimming pool maintenance and tinkering with pool water chemistry apparently helped him in his beer brewing. From using a Mr. Beer kit to gaining experience in established breweries, he's now launching his own on September 22. *** Loco

Apparently feuding teens were arrested with guns in Fortuna. 13 and 15 year old boys who attend Eel River Community School were arrested by Fortuna Police. They’re facing serious charges. One of the teens had a history with the police and it’s worth commending the community member who came forward in this case. *** Journal, press releases via RHBB: 1/2

In Spring 2024 Californians will vote on a major mental health plan. It would be the biggest investment in mental health care in the state in 20 years. The plan involves using a $6.4 billion fund to build treatment units and change how certain taxes are spent on housing. Governor Gavin Newsom this will help the state’s mental health, homelessness, and addiction problems. Meanwhile, opponents worry about this effort leading to cuts in other mental health programs. *** CalMatters

After Supes said they didn’t have money for it now, Cal Poly Humboldt decided to study the feasibility of making McKinleyville its own city. McKinleyville is currently unincorporated with oversight from the county. The university will look at how other cities did it, what taxes might be needed, and the pros and cons in order to inform decision-makers. *** Press release

Ocean life experts have seen a local rise in sick sea lions. It's a bit of a mystery why this happens, but changes in sea temperatures and migration patterns might play a role. Leptospirosis is contagious to people and pets, so give these sick sea lions space, and if you see one call the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center so they can help and administer antibiotics. *** RHBB / Loco

Pelican Bay State Prison inmates can now earn a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Cal Poly Humboldt. This is a first in the state. The first student group will begin in 2024 with around 20-25 students who've already completed their associate’s degrees. Pelican Bay opened in 1989 and has housed Suge Knight and Charles Manson among other notable inmates. *** Press release

A BB gun resembling a rifle caused a kerfuffle at Eureka High School. A man entering a nearby greenbelt was witnessed with the BB gun and the school was put on lockdown as a precaution. When no threat was found, the man was let go. Regarding potential future lockdowns, cops recommend against rushing to the school or sharing false information on social media. *** Press release

Supervisor Madrone apologized for cutting off a controversial commenter during a Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting. The apology in recognition of free speech came after a comment in a previous meeting that potentially promoted violence. Madrone said next time he’d offer a warning first. *** Loco

A poll showed Humboldt County evenly divided when asked if they’ll be getting a COVID booster. This comes after the FDA announced boosters to battle new variants. In a Loco poll, 50 percent said yes, and 50 percent said no. (Note: This poll should be taken with a grain of salt because it doesn’t adhere to the standards and random sampling techniques employed in traditional polling methods, potentially leading to biased or unrepresentative results).


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