HLW Alt Radio

(HLW Alt Radio is a 24-7 feature in addition to the weekly HLW program)

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Monday Music Meeting: New music and you influence what’s added to the station by "hearting" songs on the player
Tube Tunes Tuesday: Songs from movies and TV shows
Local Artist Spotlight (Wednesdays): Local bands and musicians
Comfy Concert (Thursdays): Live recordings of HLW artists
Funny Friday: A five-minute comedy set from a local comedian (Disclaimer: Could feature explicit content)

Please note this schedule is tentative. This radio host does this as a hobby.


Humboldt’s new internet radio station, Humboldt Last Week Alternative Radio, is now also linked to Redheaded Blackbelt at kymkemp.com. Listeners can click the “HLW Alternative Radio” link at the top of the desktop page (or in the “menu” bar on mobile phones) to listen anytime.

The station plays new and nostalgia songs from the alternative music genre as well as the “quick local stories” heard in the weekly local podcast Humboldt Last Week, which had long partnered with Redheaded Blackbelt.

“Love it!” wrote a Redheaded Blackbelt commenter. “Super fun and informative.”

“Nice!” wrote a Reddit user. “I miss (the host’s) song selections when (he was on air locally)...”

“Sounds good,” wrote a Humboldt Last Week commenter to his friend. “You should check it out.”

Listeners are encouraged to submit music to host@humboldtlastweek.com as well as “like” or “dislike” songs on the radio player to help mold the station’s music selections. Listeners who submit songs that are selected will receive recognition when those tracks are played.

Giveaways and other fun things are also planned for the station. Stay tuned!