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"Best Local Podcast." - North Coast Journal readers via NCJ Best of Humboldt 2022


"This podcast is a great way to stay up to date on the events and doings in Humboldt County. Myles is succinct with his content and gives you important and interesting, offbeat news. I wish I had discovered this sooner. Best 10-15 minutes of my week!" Lizzie Beth via Apple


"It's pretty much the only local news I listen to on a regular basis." - Beck's Bakery owner Rhonda Wiedenbeck


"Best Local Podcast." - North Coast Journal readers via NCJ Best of Humboldt 2021


"I listen to Humboldt Last Week to keep my pulse on the happenings of my hometown." - Chris Hesse, Hoobastank drummer


"Best Local Podcast." - North Coast Journal readers via NCJ Best of Humboldt 2020


“I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast… I moved here (recently) -- 20-year goal fulfilled -- and your podcast has helped me get oriented to my new community. There is so much negative sentiment out there and your show is positive and celebrates this special place. Thanks!” - Kate

"Though I love flipping through the newspaper, the millennial in me doesn't always have the attention span for it. The host, Myles, is so easy to listen to. He makes the news digestible, relatable and interesting. My favorite part is when he gives tidbits on Humboldt in pop culture. I love it and I think you will, too..." - Bri from Humboldt Things

"With KHSU a flaming husk, this is a pretty swell part of our community. I'd encourage a listen." - Sam

"Great local news podcast in you’re in HumCo -- they’ve been going strong for three years! Spread the word." - Zachary

"...good work! Humboldt needs more positive voices (like this)." - Andrew

“...My dad was a DJ in the bay during the ‘60s and he always hunted for music to expose all us kids to, (the host’s) music finds remind me of his genuine love of all things music. What a positive impact (he’s) had on the community…” - Lydia

"I love listening... while I’m at work. And I dig the music... And I always love when (the host) mentions our local sweetheart Sara B!" - Hannah C

"Love this podcast so much! Full of news and always leaves me with a smile. Keep it up!" - Sande Kemp via Facebook

"Working mom with three kids here, hard to stay up with everything so I listen on the treadmill. Love Humboldt (Last Week), thanks for doing it!" - Redheaded Blackbelt comment from listener Amy

"What a beautiful voice." - Businesswoman and bodybuilder Kortney Olson

"What a great service you are providing!" -listener Beth B

"(The host has) a great voice for radio, and a fun, authentic approach to our local news." - business owner Kristin Roberts

"Humboldt Last Week is a great way to get caught up on what's going on in our community. (The host's) delivery is like listening to a trustworthy friend giving you the lowdown on Humboldt's happenings." - Susie Foot of Bongo Boy Studio

"(The host) smoothly runs through a recap of the big stories of the week and then brings on guests to give their perspective." - Kym Kemp via Redheaded Blackbelt

"...I’m one of many locals feeling really grateful to have such a convenient way of catching up on the highlights of the last week of news. Work and home keep me too busy to seek out all the news myself and you’ve found a way to perfectly sum it up for us in a tasteful, humorous, passionate, factual, and unbiased way. I look forward to this every Saturday evening on my drive home from work. I don’t know how much time it takes to gather all the stories, or the effort it takes to score interviews with the great people you have, but seriously, great job and thank you!" - listener GoodGrateful via

"Best local news summary on the North Coast." - John Fullerton via Facebook

"(The podcast) recaps the week's top stories. (Some topics are light), but (the host) also covers serious stories." - KHSU host Eric Black

"Feels like I'm listening to (the hosts' former radio station) -- nostalgia! Added to my playlist!" -Reddit user snowhorse420

"Since I don't live in Humboldt anymore I'm glad (the host is) doing this so I can hear about what I'm missing." - Reddit user xACIDxfuneral

“Love the show… (The host does) a very good job of keeping (his) facts and opinions separate. (The) show is one of the few that seems to be trying to bring people together.” - listener Jason Q.

"Great audio quality. (The host's) background in professional journalism is showing in not just the good sound quality, but also the content." - Reddit user Ammerex

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