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Hey everyone, Myles here.

Humboldt Last Week Alternative Radio features 30-minute music sets and no commercials. Every 30 minutes listeners will also hear a news brief, typically around 30 seconds long, which will likely be related to Humboldt County. During holiday weeks it will be all music.

The music direction leans heavily on new material but listeners will also enjoy occasional throwback songs. Friends of the station are encouraged to upvote songs they enjoy and submit songs that fit at myles@humboldtlastweek.com.

Streaming is available 24-7 at the player above, but you can also save the station as a favorite on the RadioKing app via iOS or Android (the app allows you to see the artist and title on your phone as you listen). You can also download this link to play the station using your favorite desktop app.

Radio has been a big part of my life for a long time, including experience as a host, music director, program director, and producer. Over the years I’ve been associated with Humboldt Last Week, KJNY, KSLG, KHUM, KWPT, KXGO, KRFH, and KSJD.

If you don’t like this kind of music, I don’t particularly care and encourage you to enjoy something else. This station was ultimately created as a fun way for us to curate and listen to music together. Come along for the ride, friends.