On mobile, tilt device horizontally to vote on songs

(Playlist below on desktop)

Humboldt Last Week Radio is Humboldt County's free new-music station with no commercials.

Enjoy constant music instead of 15 minutes of commercials every hour. Plus, a lightning-fast local-info nugget every half hour.

Listeners can weigh in on the music with their votes and send submissions to

It's recommended to save the station as a favorite in the RadioKing app via iOS or Android. You can also listen easily via on desktop and mobile.

No commercials, no wasted time, a high-quality stream, and no static. That's kinda cool.

Humboldt Last Week is more than a podcast. Before creating this station I was lucky to learn some stuff from awesome people while working in the radio industry. Thank you.

Trial run: Songs with more energy midday weekdays 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.