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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 308)

Updated: Jan 12

Listen to this episode here.

A mom from Myers Flat is missing under mysterious circumstances. Loved ones have suggested postpartum psychosis could be why Zoe Penrod disappeared after suspending breastfeeding. She was reportedly seen walking along Avenue of the Giants on New Year's Eve. There's some speculation she might've left the area but investigators are following and looking for any leads. *** RHBB

Two dogs are believed stolen in Eureka. The two gray bully pits are described as friendly and raised around children. They’d gotten out in the southern outskirts of Eureka at the end of December. Their owner has received reports of a couple allowing a man to take pictures of the dogs at Eureka’s IHOP parking lot. One of the dogs has a diamond marking on the back side of her neck and the other has a scar on his side. If you have information about these furry family members please contact Marissa at (707) 307-1602 or Maria at (707) 362-3868.

The Warner Bros. movie shooting locally reportedly stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Sean Penn and Regina Hall have also been noted to appear in the film which has been given the mysterious codename “BC.” The director behind "Boogie Nights" and "Punk-Drunk Love" is running the project with a possible $100M budget. *** Loco

A founding member of the Eureka rock band Mr. Bungle was located and accused of murdering his girlfriend. It’s possible that human remains discovered in Berkeley belong to Alice Kamakaokalani Herrmann. Former Mr. Bungle saxophonist Theo Lengyel, kicked out of the Mike Patton band in the 90s, was apprehended after reportedly refusing to cooperate with the investigation and traveling to Portland. Police say there is evidence of foul play. *** RHBB

Providence is closing its outpatient labs at the hospitals in Eureka and Fortuna. The company is closing these labs throughout California. Outrage is brewing as patients wonder where to go for blood and urine tests. The decision takes effect March 15. *** Loco

The county is still looking for an organization to run an additional safe parking program. This provides homeless residents a place to camp in their vehicles. The only existing safe parking program in Humboldt County right now is in Arcata. *** TS

A viral loose dog at-risk along Route 299 was finally rescued. With thousands following her developments online, the white Pyrenees named Violet had been reported as crying, skittish, and evasive for days. Violet was finally reunited with her owner 30 miles from home with a little help from Humboldt’s helpful community. *** RHBB / TS

A women's march will occur at the courthouse in Eureka on Jan. 20. It’s scheduled from 1 to 3 p.m. *** TS

A local’s New York Times piece on addiction was noted by Pulitzer as one of the best of 2023. As previously mentioned on this podcast, this emotional letter was about opioids in the Hoopa community. The author, Judy Surber, has been rising to challenges with family members killed by opioid addiction, financial woes, custody battles, and emotional trauma. “I have cried, threatened and begged and accused my children of not loving me. And yet the only times they have quit was when they chose to try...” *** Loco / NYT

The New Yorker did a big story about the little old company town of Scotia. Historically, Scotia was uniquely established and owned by a logging company. Since 2017, the company has continued its slow process of selling off the town as it faces economic hurdles. *** The New Yorker

The deserted town of Falk south of Eureka is now on the National Register of Historic Places. Regulars that hike the Headwaters’ Elk River Trail are aware of the historic town and its remnants along the trail. Founded as a lumber town in the late 1800s, Falk once had 400 people, a cookhouse, a post office, homes, a general store, a dance hall, and a railroad into Eureka. *** BLM

Arcata’s Kogiri Thai Fusion Korean BBQ is set to open in April. It’ll be on G Street at the old Golden Harvest location. The restaurant will feature K-pop and Thai pop music, table grills for communal cooking, and a sauce bar. *** Loco

The new ice cream place in Loleta is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Jersey Scoops is on Main Street in Loleta. *** Social media

Reggae on the River is returning to SoHum in early August following financial woes. On hiatus since 2018, the storied festival with reggae, the river, the redwoods, camping, food, drinks, dancing, and more will occur on August 2, 3, and 4 at Dimmick Ranch. *** RHBB [General admission is $300?! Is Bob Marley coming back from the dead to perform?! That said, you can save $50 by purchasing early.]


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