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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 316)

Listen to this episode here.

Coastal erosion is also impacting the Samoa Peninsula. South of Manila and Samoa, a big chunk of the parking lot at Bay Street on the Samoa Peninsula known locally as “the T” partially collapsed down the cliff there. With coastal erosion also impacting the Fleener Creek area near Ferndale, experts say the crumbling developments have been partially boosted by a relentless winter. *** Loco

Local investigators ran a press release shaming a Eureka gym owner for allegedly selling testosterone. Officers said the guy admitted to selling testosterone he got in the mail from China. A commenter claiming to know this buff individual claimed the pills pictured were completely legal, other items were either empty or unused, and the gym owner actually did not admit to selling anything. [In the US, testosterone and steroid use is restricted without a prescription due to potential abuse and health risks.] While some in the community wondered why this man was given the same mug-shot treatment as alleged dealers of hard drugs in our community, others pointed to ironies related to alleged steroid use juxtaposed with social media posts containing a holier-than-thou vibe. *** RHBB

A memorial bench was mysteriously taken from the Trinidad State Beach area. The unpermitted bench with a wood-worked heart honored Hunter Lewis, allowing a nice ocean view before its removal. Hunter was a 21-year-old who died in 2021 during a treasure hunt that sent him off the coast near Trinidad. His father thinks the bench thief is a grave robber. Officials say they knew the bench was unpermitted but did not remove it. Hunter’s tragic death drew national attention. *** TS

A county judge ruled that Arcata voters lack the authority to fly an earth flag above the US flag. The judge noted state law requires the US flag up top. The earth flag measure known as “Measure M” had voters prioritizing a healthy earth. It was narrowly passed and those behind it are hinting at an appeal. Arcata officials may decide on how to proceed in a closed session. *** NCJ

Gas prices are high across the nation and especially in Humboldt County. GasBuddy says statewide we can attribute this to international tensions, refinery maintenance, higher demand, and California's emissions standards. Humboldt County gas prices have typically been much higher than the state average due to our remoteness and distance from a refinery in the San Francisco Bay Area. *** TS

A childcare center director resigned after failing to promptly report alleged child abuse. Out of Eureka, a former aide at Winzler Children’s Center was accused of slamming a child into a wall. The resigning director of the facility allegedly failed to report that right away and allowed the employee back to work the next day. The employee no longer works for Eureka City Schools. The staff at Winzler now has to undergo training as part of the state's correction plan. *** Loco

A viral video at a local beach caught a tense encounter involving a leashed cat and an unleashed dog. The dog and cat don’t get along. The owners butt heads. As you’d expect. With over 10 million views on TikTok, the video prompted leash etiquette debates. *** RHBB [You can never know what situation is waiting for your animals in public spaces and it’s not hard to leash a dog. Awareness and respect are the keywords here. -MC]

The ‘bucket list’ attraction of Redwood National and State Parks was noted in USA Today. Towering ancient trees. A majestic coast. USA Today knows we have the goods. [We are surrounded by an otherworldly experience that many people around the world dream of visiting.]

A woman suffered severe injuries following an alleged pitbull mating dispute. In Eureka, the woman was trapped by her own dogs as police officers had to use pepper spray to allow her escape. She’d reportedly been attacked by her pit bull for trying to prevent it from mating with another of her dogs. The allegedly vicious dog was taken by the county. *** RHBB

Activision's new map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III takes players to a marijuana grow in Humboldt County. Set in a growhouse facility, this downloadable setting for intense video-game gun battles includes redwoods, fog, the hills, indoor cannabis plants, sheds, a water tank, run down vehicles, and a white growdozer. *** Activision

Officers released footage after killing a Eureka hostage-taker who’d sliced two kids’ necks with a knife. In January 43-year-old Daniel Martinez allegedly barricaded himself with four hostages while threatening their lives in a house near Eureka’s Coca-Cola bottling facility. Martinez was a family member of those involved including children as young as four. He was shot and killed while refusing to surrender with a serrated bread knife after hours of grueling negotiation. *** RHBB

The Leonardo DiCaprio project that filmed here is scheduled to be released in August 2025. *** RHBB (Sean Penn, Regina Hall, and Alana Haim are also reportedly tied to the project helmed by artsy director Paul Thomas Anderson. The Warner Brothers effort, rumored to be a modernized version of Vineland, shot locally for 11 days as folks that’ve worked on Transformers and Marvel movies praised our local beauty. Stockton and Sacramento were additional shooting locations for the film.)

Cal Poly Humboldt soccer export Rhea Chan earned a spot on the Philippines National Soccer Team. A dual citizen, Rhea Chan reportedly impressed coaches during a 10-day tryout. A defender, Rhea was a Lumberjack standout in recent years and she majored in Early Childhood Development and Speech Pathology. *** TS / CPH

A local poll honored No Brand Burger Stand as having the most votes for Humboldt County’s best burger. Stars and Toni's came in second and third, respectively. *** Loco (Editorially, this poll is correct).


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