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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 317)

Listen to this episode here.

The bizarre locally-filmed comedy ‘Sasquatch Sunset’ is out. Shot in our lush redwood forests, the R-rated flick shows Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough in a Bigfoot family grunting and doing gross and/or weird stuff. So far critics have the film leaning fresh or RottenTomatoes. Joining Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘Swiss Army Man’ or Aubrey Plaza’s ‘An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn,’ will ‘Sasquatch Sunet’ earn the honor of being the oddest movie shot in Humboldt County? *** RottenTomatoes

Arcata High School unveiled a new mural honoring David Josiah Lawson seven years after his unsolved murder. The victim’s mom continues to express gratitude for support and frustration over the lack of justice. Shortly after David Josiah, or DJ, was fatally knifed at a house party in Arcata, a young man from McKinleyville saw murder charges dismissed during the legal process. Arcata cops hope witnesses will have a change of heart and come forward with information leading to charges. DJ’s mom was recently quoted as saying: “Kyle Zoellner is white. My son is black. If the shoes were reversed, DJ would be in prison right now.” *** TS / Vigil photos via RHBB

Humboldt County leads the nation in the percentage of vehicle deaths involving DUI. Between 2017 and 2021, a study found over 40 percent of our deadly vehicle collisions saw drivers under the influence of some kind of mind-altering substance. [Clearly, drug and alcohol culture is a problem across the nation, but this makes you wonder how much our fog, rain, and rural nature make things worse.] Please keep in mind that while Humboldt County's fatal collisions involve DUI at a higher rate than other counties, that does not mean we have more DUI crashes than other counties, or a higher per-capita percentage of DUI deaths compared to other counties. *** TS

Arcata officials unanimously decided to fly the earth flag lower than the US and California flags. This comes after a county judge ruled Arcata voters lack the authority to fly an earth flag above the US flag per Measure M, which prioritized a healthy earth. Arcata voters narrowly passed the earth flag measure. *** RHBB

County law enforcement is planning to put up more stationary cameras that store license plate data for 30 days. With devices strategically placed across the county, proponents cited missing persons, abductions, and stolen cars when discussing some of the benefits of automatic license plate readers and their successes elsewhere. Still, others have privacy concerns as the ACLU wants strict rules about who can see and use this license plate data. *** TS

The proposed Arcata Cap project intending to build land above U.S. 101 is getting a serious look. I’ve mentioned this before as this plan aims to construct acres of new land above the highway, connecting neighborhoods and providing room for housing and public spaces. With major costs and complexities, we’ll see if this idealistic project can progress to a reality. The concept has had success in other communities. *** Loco

SF Gate is warning local property buyers there could be hidden costs based on cannabis missteps by previous owners. They report while these properties appear to be listed at a discount rate, buyers could be on the hook for cannabis abatements which sometimes cost millions. The collapse of the local cannabis industry has led to major property price cuts, but experts are advising caution and investigation before purchasing. *** RHBB

A free clinic in Eureka in July will allow uninsured and underserved people healthcare and dental services. The clinic offers free healthcare and dental services to all, regardless of income or pre-registration. A third of California faces poverty and inadequate health coverage. High healthcare costs nationwide and transportation barriers for the underserved do not help. There are other countries that clearly handle healthcare better than us. The California Care Force’s 2024 Humboldt County Clinic is set for July 12 and 13 at Eureka’s Adorni Center. *** CaliforniaCareForce [Thanks to friend of the show Ross for passing this along.]

Humboldt County export Philip Throssel has a new song with fun local imagery. In “Brookings,” the indie musician penned a catchy guitar-driven pop-rock song with a melody and progression that subtly reminds you of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” while staying original. The track mentions Brookings, Klamath, and Orick among other local descriptions. Now a resident of Nashville, Phillip grew up in Eureka and went to Arcata High. *** / Spotify [Thanks to friend of the show Phillip for reaching out, he says he listens to this podcast on his way to work when he misses home.]

A popular food truck is stepping into a brick-and-mortar location in Eureka. Pineapple Express will now be available at the old Humboldt Soup Company location off Myrtle near Little Caesars Pizza. The spot will offer Pineapple Express’s Hawaiian grub with drive-through convenience and plans for live music, a surfboard bar, a menu expansion, and island vibes. They’re aiming for a grand opening celebration in late July. *** KIEM

Our first rooftop restaurant aptly titled Rooftop Restaurant & Bar is reportedly now open in Eureka. Located by Los Bagels and Belle Starr Clothing, the new sushi restaurant sits atop a new four-story building and will also feature hibachi grills, ramen, and drinks. The building there will also include businesses and apartments. Their Instagram notes they’ll be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. *** TS


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