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Quick news summaries for the podcast (Ep. 319)

Listen to this episode here.

A poll indicated half of respondents think Cal Poly Humboldt’s president should be fired following the pro-Palestinian occupation of its campus. The Loco poll showed 36 percent believing Tom Jackson should keep his job. Clashes between cops and protesters involved barricades, violence, vandalism, destruction of property, dozens of arrests, injuries, outrage, a campus closure, and a forceful clearing of the Arcata property. The university is claiming almost $2 million in damages and said the campus remained closed due to ongoing tagging and reoccupation attempts. Meanwhile, ACLU reps believe the campus closure was unconstitutional and an assault on press freedom. A coalition of 320 staff and faculty members from the university demanded Jackson and his chief of staff be fired. *** Journal / CPH PR / Poll

The KKK imagery seen on a truck at Cal Poly Humboldt likened the hate group to Palestinian supporters. It read “hate = hate.” Reported previously, the driver was possibly a Russian national who was arrested and charged with trespassing. There was a similar truck incident on campuses involving controversial images. *** RHBB / RHBB previously

A prosecuting lawyer who works for the county is facing scrutiny for his pro-Israel protests. The individual has reportedly displayed an Israeli flag from his courthouse office window. He’s also been in verbal altercations with pro-Palestinean protests and held controversial signs likening Palestinean support to supporting rape and baby-killing. Some argued neutrality is expected in his position and that he should be impartial while on the clock, while it was also noted he has a right to free speech on his own time. Reportedly, the lawyer’s boss said he would not handle prosecutions against any of the 32 individuals arrested at recent pro-Palestine protests at Cal Poly Humboldt. *** RHBB / Loco

The suspect allegedly involved in the shooting of a 75-year-old woman has died after being shot by police. Officers say the suspect opened fire on the woman and her sister before barricading himself in a nearby residence and confronting them with a gun. Body-worn camera footage of the incident is likely forthcoming. *** RHBB

An apparent perv in Eureka is serving as a reminder to stay cautious. Eureka police are looking for help identifying a man seen on a Ring camera at 14th and K Streets inappropriately touching himself while looking into a house window. Stay vigilant. *** RHBB

A house fire claimed the lives of six puppies in Eureka. Officials say six additional occupants escaped unharmed in the Myrtletown area. Firefighters stressed the importance of smoke alarms and caution when using space heaters. *** TS

Loleta’s historic creamery building is being demolished. December 2022’s big earthquake provided its knockout punch. One estimate had demolition costs at $2.65 million for the Hollywood-friendly building that was featured in "Halloween III.” *** RHBB

Electricity bills will be changing in late 2025. For PG&E users, the change would mean an average $11 charge every month regardless of how much energy is used, but will possibly lower the price of energy used by an estimated 8 to 18 percent. Proponents say it’s necessary to bring down electricity rates in California. Critics fear this could deter energy conservation and unfairly impact solar panel owners. *** CalMatters via RHBB

Humboldt County’s government is projecting dire finances in the coming years. One source warned of potential 20 percent cuts to staffing and services. Despite a hiring freeze and voluntary furlough program, the looming deficit could make staff reductions and departmental reorganization a reality. *** TS [Some examples of county departments include the Sheriff’s Office, public works, public health, the court system, and the child support system.]

SFGate wonders if Jersey Scoops ice cream can ‘save’ Loleta. Noting the former ‘Halloween III’ shooting location and dairy town is on the brink of economic decline, Jersey Scoops is drawing major community support including LGBTQ+ and agricultural allies. The owners are husbands and are also known for their Foggy Bottoms Boys farm goods. The San Francisco Chronicle affiliate noted their "cow to cone" ice cream fueled by grants and a hope of bringing a spark to Loleta’s historic Main Street. *** SFGate

Have you ever attended Punkercize in Arcata? Designed for all body types, this different cardio experience is coupled with 50 minutes of high-energy punk music. If you go you’re encouraged to move freely with no judgment. There are suggested movement styles or you can do your own thing wildly. Online info suggests this happens on Saturdays at 10 a.m. at the Sanctuary in Arcata with a suggested $5-10 donation. *** Website


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